The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 401


  1. I HATE when they go to current events like immediately… this podcast is nothing like it used to be. BORRIIINNNGGGG

  2. Boy scouts taught me how to sell popcorn, we didnt even get to the tying knots or camping parts

  3. No good Butcher in Cali sign me up . Top Round . You should have sliced thin as Rouladen and roll with a cheese or veggie mix.
    Chuck can be phenomenal if you have delicious Blade roast or some ground Chuck. Or Scotish Tender in nice stew beef
    Get a honest good butcher or California let me come work as Butcher and pay me . Lol let's go

  4. I seen Brendan driving down the 405 yesterday in that dirty purple Porsche. He drives like he is going for the win on the last lap of a F1 race. And he is sitting forward, looking around like he is trying to take a shit in the bushes outside of a elementary school. He is way to big for that car too. His head looks like it's stuck in there.

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