The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 398


  1. love the podcast, can I hear more of Bryan though? Can you let him talk a little mr.schaub? Gotta let the man finish a thought every now and then

  2. Schaub makes fun of guys who talk about how hot some women are. Then proceeds to talk about how hot some women are. Wtf

  3. Brendan you're a funny guy, but you talk like your man crush now and took up treating people like crap on the show as a joke but it's not funny or natural, don't go crashing and burning man

  4. bryan callen will always remain an annoying little twerp courtesy entourage lol

  5. Brendan that lobster roll is the best you can get around here in LA, the best are on the east coast in Mass/other states lol. In Mass the ones with mayo are amazing, has to be a lighter mayo though, never tasted anything too strong

  6. p4p worst podcast to listen to at night. Almost always yelling at the beginning lol. Fml

  7. Dawg. Schaub. Where's the love for the Rockies man? You're from Denver and we JUST beat the Cubs for some playoff action. Get it together man. Love the podcast and the shenanigans btw.

  8. Brandon Scwab acting like his shit don't stink. He'd be a Starbucks barista without Bryan and Joe

  9. schaub always wear shirts made for fat people . his sleeves are tight then loose in the chest then tightens up under the chest . so the shirt is like kinda fitted but not really . just look at how his shirts fit hes trying to hide his man boobs while still wearing tight clothes its so funny. schaub your are fat dog 6feet2 and 245 is fat dog . 6 feet to 6 feet 4 , should be 185 to 215 and 215 would be shredded . when he was fighting it looked so weird causes the spandex make him look hes got really wide hips and skinny chicken legs

  10. Bryan and Brendan watch terrible horror movies. Chin's a real one.

  11. they should rename their podcast to "the fighter talks over the kid" or "the fighter and the kid that never gets to finish his sentences".

  12. do they have a bot that deletes all the comments that are negative to brenda . or is chin on it 24/7 deleing comments

  13. Cubs jersey with the blue collared outline and sleeves. Pinstripes popping. Its called fashion you fucks.

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