The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #626 – Michael Bisping and Luis J. Gomez


  1. Shoutout Theo Von opening the gates for Michael Bisping to dominate the West coast podcast circuit by the way!

  2. love from Morocco to this one eyed bastard
    Your podcast is da BOMB Mr Bisbing

  3. This was good, but could have been great without Heineken and light weights. Annoyed the fuck out of Joey and myself. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  4. Joey I wish you knew how much of a damn coattail riding talentless momo that Louis is he has done nothing on his own to ever be able to get lucky enough to get on your show. Joey you are the greatest this guy could not build up the skills to deliver a pizza

  5. Thank you so much Uncle Joey and Lee! I am dealing with my father dying and nothing like the Church to turn that frown upside down cocksuckas! (:

  6. This is the first time I've ever liked listening to Luis J Gomez and will now try out the podcast with Bisping. When not with LoS he appears way less obnoxious. Maybe it's MMA humble pie – if he can't beat up his cohosts he calms down and doesn't fight to control everything.

  7. Joey usually does 90% of the talking, but Mike and Luis basically turned him into a guest on Believe You Me this time.

  8. Gomez puffin that 2% weed when Joey got the weed that Killed John McCain. That's shit had me dying

  9. GREAT podcast!!! Listen to both of your podcast every time they air. Uncle Joey and Lee with the The Count and Louis J is amazing! Thank you for making my incredibly dull work day that much better. #respect

  10. Louis where the hell is your Kendama my dude!? The Flying Jew and the Cuban Godfather would love to Kendama while high as SHIT heheh. Love you cocksuckas!

  11. I think what Michael Bisping was trying to say is that you can't know/feel/understand what racism is other than being told what it means if you live in a small community/town where there is only one race for the most part. That's why he said about coming to America and seeing it much more apparent here than home country.

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