Sebastian Maniscalco | This Past Weekend #138


  1. Gotta start doing all ads up front. This cutting the convo off in the middle has got to go.

  2. Damn… Sent in a question and they never played it. Better believe I'll keep trying tho

  3. Part of what makes Theo such a good podcast host is how he clicks with so many people.

  4. Theo got the skill to connect with his guests. And the things he comes up with are next level!

  5. Theo is so adorable and good spirited. My bf hates when I watch Chris D'elia, says he's too negative (although I enjoy him), but he really likes Theo 😀 I'm just all caught up on these hitters and at a loss as to what to watch the rest of the week D:

  6. Bang bang gang gang this podcast is a special thang

  7. I like this guy’s rationale clashing with Theo’s in an entertaining way. Cool dynamic.

  8. “Maybe you eh, settle down with the white girl, no?” Fantastic Italian advice

  9. Well GOT Damn, Theo! You done levelled up by getting that Italian hittah on this cast of pod, bro. GANG GANG boi! That vest is that Colombian table cloth! That Bolivian coke blanket

  10. Ugh could Theo BE any cuter!?!? Cluelessly wearing that vest buttoned up, back cinch undone, got to peek that shapely bohonkus around 7:33 .Too much! ^_^ !

  11. Hey Theo,
    I just wanted to commend you on your advertisement for equip the electronic toothbrush but I think you forgot to mention something which is one of the amazing features of Quip have you ever noticed that an escalator when broken turns into regular old stairs well when a quip toothbrush runs out of charge it turns into a regular old toothbrush thought you would have mentioned that but I know you can't be smart enough to think of everything and that's why I'm here for you buddy

  12. Theo, did you offer Sebastian some pound cake and a cup of Sanka? 😂😂😂

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