Monday Morning Podcast 10-15-18


  1. Hey Bill sorry about NY audiences come back to CT we love yaaaaaa! You can do our cavernous minor league hockey arenas!!!

  2. I’m not seeing the issue with sending saliva to dna companies over the internet. Guess I’m a mouth breathing moron

  3. digging your basement out by hand and not have the lot fall down around you is grampa knowledge
    it was enough of a chore to get you to dad up peckerwood
    so lets just take this shit one step at a time shall we

    love ya and go fuck ya self

  4. This show sucks these days, 2 years ago it wasn't filled with sports and I waited for every episode to come out and downloaded it with the app on my phone right away and always listened to the entire thing, now its a sports podcast, where Bill rarely says anything that is actually funny anymore, and his horrible person of a gold digging wife comes on and disrespects him in front of his audience.

  5. Mahomes didn’t even have a good game. Someone does decently against the pats and bill opens them with open arms lol

  6. You make Mondays better, you beautiful, bald-headed, skinny ginger. Thank you and go fuck yourself.

  7. if bill was around in the 40's he would've got mad when the nfl started requiring helmets

  8. I said colored people time today and a white girl got offended at me but I'm not white. Wtf? 😂

  9. Thanks for cancelling your show this Saturday @ Borgata fucker! Just got the email that it’s rescheduled for FEBRUARY 2019!?! I had a room and a babysitter and everything. Thanks for fucking me – appreciate it.

  10. You turned down free cider beer for sober october..lame as fuck but you still the GOAT

  11. wait, what is it called when things in sports are used as metaphors for other things in life?

    ha ha.  all of you complaining about burr talking sports: you really are missing out on some entertaining, relevant commentary.

  12. 14:25 i've tried to explain to my wife that once in a while i just need to lose my shit and break inanimate objects because it's for catharsis and because hitting an animal or person is the alternative and i'm not going to do that.  she looks at me like i'm speaking a foreign language.

  13. Just seen your show in Saginaw Michigan. And got a picture with you. It was a great show, thanks for coming out this way

  14. i fell out of love with sports years ago,
    but hearing you talk about it bill is still fun soomehow.
    Tailgating seems like fun too! maybe i should join in on it next time my family goes

  15. Am I the only one who thinks the sports talk is the best part? Bill is outdoing everyone on ESPN by himself.

  16. Next time Bill,come to Tecumseh!October is our "Applelumpkin"festival,would love to get entertained by you!😂

  17. I was looking forward to Bill's comments on the Pats game. Funny, yet objective.

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