Let’s revisit the Khabib/Conor UFC 229 post-fight melee…


  1. If you are going to have such a painful journey to the truth, just pack it in and find something else to do with your time, listening to your bullshit has a cost in time and bandwidth.

  2. All of you, "wat I do offica? Wat I do? I ain't do nuttin?" I'm so surprised there's not more chaos in our already chaotic, free world

  3. khabibs corner guy who was on the cage was leaving the cage and had his back to conor then conor hit him repeatedly ffs chael we know you hate muslims and foreigners in general but be objective in your judgements in mma please. your right it doesnt matter that much who threw the first punch. i see the inside and outside the octagon as two seperate incidents

  4. Sticks and stone will break your bones, but mere words will make the eagle lose it

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