Khabib vs McGregor – Post-Fight Analysis – Coach Zahabi


  1. Lol my friends and I were pretty drunk by the time the main event happened, and my friend who hadnt some jiu jitsu before was like "it wasn't under his chin!" And I'm like, "dude, trust me, anything under the eyes is a joke if you squeeze hard enough." He's like "really? Show me!" So I put my rear naked choke over his chin and slowly squeezed, then in like 5 seconds he tapped, and said "Holy shit, you're right."

  2. Joyeux Thanksgiving Coach. Good analysis. I think you're walking a thin line here. Khabib endangered way more people than Conor actions with the bus. Both were wrong. Khabib has his reasons (family, religon) but you can make the argument that friends may be equally important to Conor (Artem).

  3. Why should politics and religion be out of bounds? Theyre simply abstract unprovable ideas that a person voluntarily subscribe to. Of course most people were not reasoned into their beliefs, they were just raised and bred to obey it and be tribal so theyre kind of asleep intellectually. this is admittedly an individualist western perspective only but i find it absurd that khabib is scared of consequences from his father. Bro youre a 30 year old champion you can go move wherever you want and live however you want. its funny because hes achieved everything but to my perspective hes in a sort of mental prison but maybe he loves that life. .

  4. Bruh Kevin lee and el cucuy are horrible matchups for him lmao I think he loses to both. He needs to go back down to 145 imo. Weight cut is bad but his power is a bigger factor there.

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