JRE MMA Show #46 with Ari Shaffir


  1. Joe is their next target, people are building their case on picking on Joe.
    Joe is not gonna be safe avoiding Alex Jones.
    You don't stand for free speech now, they are gonna come closer and closer to you.
    Once they are in your face, look around to see people wont stand for you just like you didn't stand for the other guy.
    Hope it don't happen but man I see it coming soon.
    Best Wishes!!

  2. I'm a little disappointed they didn't talk about the Marathon runner yelling Nike, which means victory, which is what the shoe manufacturer is named after. There's so much more to that story

  3. 17:40 Joe talks about a “friend” with an injury but doesn’t disclose their name bc he said it’s really bad. He also said he’s young but I’m just assuming is Dominick Cruz or Cormier. I know Cormier isn’t young but he is probably talking about one of UFC’s fighters without divulging their personal info.

  4. Al Iaquinta is involved with project spearhead. The organization whom would like to unionize UFC. He is on Dana Whites naughty list.

  5. Hillary being 50% reptilian makes sense cuz IMO her being reptilian just means she's possessed by an inter-dimentional reptilian entity. Ya know, from the sleep/ghost (etc) dimension. IMO what David Icke meant when we called them "shape shifting reptilians" is just that that's how they look when someone who sees these things shifts their vision from the human dimension to see into the other, it looks like someone turns from a human into a reptile.

    30% reptile LoL you so silly Ari 😀

  6. Joe either come out and say you're being compromised or stop throwing your "friends" under the bus

  7. LOL. Joe uses $1000/month as evidence that people in Thailand are dirt poor…
    Which is about as much as the Universal Income suggested by the moderate left.
    Then he goes on to be surprised that some plants are dioecious.
    Just being around Ari, Rogan becomes a moron.
    6 minutes in and the bro science is clogging the air.

  8. For some reason, I don’t believe that Joe Rogan has given up the weed smoking. Everything else I believe though, like the drinking for example.

  9. Put some respek on Iaquinta's name. He already beat Kevin Lee before

  10. Jo Po will jump off a bridge of Jo Po doesn't get 500 likes a comment and Jo Po told me in private Jo Po still has more videos Jo Po wants to comment on this is important to Jo Po.

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