Josh Thomson In-Studio | Conor vs Khabib FIGHT BREAKDOWN | Ep 100. Podcast | BELOW THE BELT

Josh Thomson and Brendan go head to head in breaking down Conor vs Khabib. Josh shares insights on Khabib’s camp, why this might be his last fight and why he believes he wins. Brendan discusses Conor’s motivation, possible outcomes and whats next for both fighters. The guys also talk Bellator 206, Aaron Pico, USADA/UFC/Boxing corruption, banning repeat drug offenders and more. Also, breaking MMA & boxing event/news, Rory Macdonald vs Gegard Mousasi size difference, Rampage vs Silva thickness, Jon Jones’s manager, Seattle, Korean BBQ, fan questions and much more!


  1. schaub makes excuses for conor against chad on short notice but khabib against al he just didnt look good, double standard

  2. I like how this is just two friends speaking freely about their opinions on the fight. No one getting butt hurt. Disagreements are fine.

  3. Khabib is a sexist scumbag. Never mentions his mum. Didnt ever bother turning uo for his babys birth. Typical Muslim sexist shit.

  4. Wonder how much Josh Thompson's whiskey costs… Oh wait.. And it's $25 not $13 you jelious fook

  5. Brendan puts on a good show, that's the reason were all here.

  6. I think it's pretty simple to see why McGregor will win this fight. In order for Khabib to get a takedown he has to close the distance, if he wants to close the distance he has to come close to Conor and if he does that he'll get lit up by that left hand. We saw it in an Alvarez fight, when Alvarez got hit by Conor's straight left, the expression on his face was: "Wtf was that?!" The speed, accuracy and power of McGregor's left hand will be too much for Khabib to handle, especially because Khabib doesn't expect to get hit. Khabib just expects to get in there and "maul" Conor, which just shows that he doesn't really have a great gameplan, he's too emotional going into this fight, regardless of what he says

  7. Chin getting down with the boys in gay city dammmn chin. Visiting brown city 💥💩💩

  8. Josh doesnt know anything about conor if he originally predicted that Conor would dodge Khabib fight. So many other ignorant hater fans said the same thing.

  9. I think their gassing khabib because tony is a monster gsp is the goat and Brian Ortega beats khabib on the ground and on the feet to be honest Kevin lee is a problem for khabib

  10. I reckon Khabib will quit. Eats Tiramisu during a weight cut (doesn't have mental strength to do a clean weight cut) doesn't know what it's like to lose (so cannot learn and return better, unlike Conor), and hasn't fought anybody at the level of McGregor. Khabib never been into the deep waters, he's always had it his own way in the octagon. What happens when he faces adversary? If he's getting hit repetitively, can't get a takedown, then what?

  11. Worst thing you could do is underestimate your apponent ! At least conor admits how good khabib is, seems like khabibs camp is a little delusional

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