Joe Rogan Experience #1184 – Roseanne Barr


  1. Did Joe do 3 podcasts in one day? There are definitely drugs involved in his daily regimen.

  2. I love you Roseanne! Thank you for being an amazing person. You're funny as fuck and have a heart of gold. FUCK THE HATERS

  3. Why I are you such a fucking Roseanne apologist Rogan ?
    She'll survive America's pussyfication .Real talent + drugs = funny.

  4. Fuck everybody on that show for throwing her under the bus.
    How many careers did she help start? John goodman was the only other person on the show who has any skill as an actor or charisma.
    Johnny galecki would have been a nobody for the rest of his life if he wasn't so believable as cuck on big bang and the rest of the cast basically fell off the earth.

  5. Ambien Story: After falling asleep with the aid of Ambien, I got up, drove my car 10 miles to a location I had never been to, got contacted by police(I was eventually driven home and released to my family), and I was still Asleep! I was sleep walking, talking and driving over a 2 hour period. I often wonder who the hell it was doing all those things because I don't remember anything, and my personality/demeanor was different. My brother told me it was like talking to a stranger. Don't take Ambien.

  6. This is so weird I remember watching Roseanne every night on Nick at night as a kid, the worlds changed so much since then it kinda makes me sad.

  7. 1:52:45 We did not give Iran billions of taxpayer dollars in the deal. We gave them back their own money we froze with sactions.

  8. Insane she lost her show, but you know how anti-Trump the media is nowadays, anti-anyone who doesn't talk down on him when they have camera time. The joke wasn't offensive if you actually look at it sober eyes, but they wanted her ass off tv obviously. People that want to be offended by someone they don't agree with today will just take offense to whatever the fuck is said now. That South Park episode was fucking funny though. Southpark and It's Always Sunny are doing pc comedy right this season I think.

  9. Rosanne Roasted a bitch like people do all the time and she payed more than she should. The left is a bunch of opportunistic social scammers.

  10. She said less than 10 cigs a day and chain smoked through the entire interview.

  11. This could be a podcast with Dr Rhonda Patrick in 30 years when she snaps and says "Fuck brocolli sprouts and give a smoke and a coke. And don't give me any side-eye, like a sea turtle, you dumb ape Joe".

  12. "Joe gets between 30 and 60k views consistently when he livestreams on youtube yet he never is on trending. I don't keep up with youtube creators in any way but I have to think that not many are pulling in those numbers. Not to mention the intense money this channel alone could be bringing in yet youtube won't recognize him." . – metalshreddmaddness Facts

  13. 1 minute in, and I bet we get Joe "My Friend's Ambien Kitchen Story" Rogan.

  14. "I identify as a jew" , the Jewish mind control media still destroyed her. Imagine what they have in store for the rest of us.

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