Joe Rogan Experience #1184 – Roseanne Barr


  1. "I identify as a jew" , the Jewish mind control media still destroyed her. Imagine what they have in store for the rest of us.

  2. 1 minute in, and I bet we get Joe "My Friend's Ambien Kitchen Story" Rogan.

  3. "Joe gets between 30 and 60k views consistently when he livestreams on youtube yet he never is on trending. I don't keep up with youtube creators in any way but I have to think that not many are pulling in those numbers. Not to mention the intense money this channel alone could be bringing in yet youtube won't recognize him." . – metalshreddmaddness Facts

  4. This could be a podcast with Dr Rhonda Patrick in 30 years when she snaps and says "Fuck brocolli sprouts and give a smoke and a coke. And don't give me any side-eye, like a sea turtle, you dumb ape Joe".

  5. She said less than 10 cigs a day and chain smoked through the entire interview.

  6. Rosanne Roasted a bitch like people do all the time and she payed more than she should. The left is a bunch of opportunistic social scammers.

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