Joe Rogan Experience #1181 – John Dudley


  1. YES!! Derrick l on podcast! Best post fight interview of the night. Great commentary Joe. My bucket list, 1 item, a bow hunt with the one and only Mr.Joe Rogan! "Send me location"! I will be there.

  2. There is NO PRIVATE LAND, including in Texas. All land is PUBLIC LAND because the American Lemmings have been FOOLED into Registering their Private personal property with the State, giving the State LEGAL OWNERSHIP and leaves You with ONLY Right of Possession, which is Usury rights. Now because its Public Land, now You, the Tenant upon the Land…..must follow all the Codes, Rules and Statutes because You are under Contract, in a Public Trust. You are Held as trustee in Court. WELCOME TO REALITY !! Where FACTS ARE FACTS.

  3. Joe is fucking clueless when it comes to secret hunting/fishing spots.

  4. On the standup side, there is a zookeeper passing khabibs moms guard, while khabib dad watching the bear fight in the woods, russian accent, zookeeper, "yes take son to far side of woods to prepare for fight" winking to mom saying, im gonna smash you 😀

  5. As a climber, surfer and hunter… it baffles me Joe doesn’t understand the simple concept of secret spots… No ones saying other people aren’t allowed there you silly dumb fuck. But when you find a little gem of nature for yourself you don’t go and post about it on Facebook so that next weekend there’s a crowd of 100 people there. Simple concept. Makes perfect sense. You aren’t claiming to own the land, you’re just not advertising to the world what you found.

  6. Theres a brown bear in dagestan that deserves a rematch with khabib more than conor

  7. Joe Rogan: "You should listen to multiple sides of every argument and be understanding of the other side…. wait I don't agree with your side of this argument. Your side of the argument is idiotic, ridiculous, & you should be ashamed for even considering it you fucking ape!"

  8. Joe doesn't get the public land thing because he's been fortunate enough to have people that have done all that public land work for him. Or hunted private ranches, which is also fine. Look at it like this: For the sake of simplicity let's say a guy is just hunting the same chunk of National Forest or other public land. He has 1 week per year off from his job to hunt elk. He uses his 5 days of vacation hunting sun up to sun down for those 5 days. Say 60 hours of his time. Say it takes him 5 years to really narrow down a spot where he consistently finds elk (totally reasonable). He spent 300 hours or 7+ work weeks invested in that effort. He takes Joe there to help Joe out. Next year on opening day, he walks in the place and there's Joe and Joe's buddy who Joe is now helping out. It isn't about it being public land (which it 100% is). It's about the investment of time and effort finding productive spots.

  9. DC saying Conor’s never gonna beat khabib, just like he’ll never beat John Jones.

  10. The toughest guy I ever saw was an old, scrawny, frail blind person sitting all by himself in a crowded restaurant wearing a white dress shirt and eating spaghetti.

  11. Wolves do remember smell. It is basically a signature to them. Seems impossible to our sensibility, but their neural pathways evolved to imprint smells t memory. It is a matter of life or death to them.

  12. You can tell Joe has been hand fed all of his hunts. If he wasn't being led around by cam and steve he would recognize the value of a hard earned honey hole.

  13. I’m currently listening to Strange Times. Joe says, “The United States was founded in 1776. People live to be a hundred. That’s three people ago.”

    doing the math

    1776 + 100 (first person) = 1876 + 100 (second person) = 1976 + 100 (third person) = 2076.

    calculating current year versus Joe’s math

    2076 – 2018 = 58.

    I don’t get it. Is it a funny bit, because Joe can’t do math? Is missing the mark by 58 years considered numerous? If the intro to this comedy special is any indication, I could simply watch any given JRE podcast, accent it with unnecessary yelling, throw in some questionable math, and still not find his brand of humor amusing.

    On with the rest of the…comedy(?) special…

  14. obviously joe has never had to find his own spot to hunt or fish on public land he would understand if he had ever put in the work to find that honey hole

  15. these guys don't realize how stupid they sound when they discuss MMA. Its a knuckle-dragging sport for low-lifes and criminals, as what happened after the mcgregor fight proved. Grown men punching and strangling each other, REALLY? it's 2018 not ancient Rome!!!

  16. Joe's evil face at 13:14 …Classick. I wonder if he's thinking of Carlos Mencia while he's twisting the arm crank?

  17. Dagestan is the land of talents. So many great sportsmen are coming from these small nations, Dagestan and Chechnya, two neighbors in the Caucasus.

  18. Love the logic here. Kabib assaults people and well who cares shouldn't be anything but someone assaults Connor and he should have the law come down on him? Sounds like Joe just shilling for high paid UFC fighters.

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