Joe Rogan Experience #1181 – John Dudley


  1. Love the logic here. Kabib assaults people and well who cares shouldn't be anything but someone assaults Connor and he should have the law come down on him? Sounds like Joe just shilling for high paid UFC fighters.

  2. Dagestan is the land of talents. So many great sportsmen are coming from these small nations, Dagestan and Chechnya, two neighbors in the Caucasus.

  3. Joe's evil face at 13:14 …Classick. I wonder if he's thinking of Carlos Mencia while he's twisting the arm crank?

  4. these guys don't realize how stupid they sound when they discuss MMA. Its a knuckle-dragging sport for low-lifes and criminals, as what happened after the mcgregor fight proved. Grown men punching and strangling each other, REALLY? it's 2018 not ancient Rome!!!

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