Is McGregor’s Loss to Khabib Good For UFC? | BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub

Brendan talks about how Conor McGregor losing to Khabib might be good for the UFC.

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  1. Basically the only thing we can hope for from Conor casual fans is them watching full UFC cards and falling in love with MMA as a whole rather than just one star, I mean people should see these fights like the Ferguson Pettis fight and absolutely fall in love with the sport and everything it offers so in the future they chase more fights like that rather than just certain stars.

  2. Ohh yeah so go back to making 30k per fight cuz thats all everyone is going to get without The Notorious


  4. Brenda schaub is fuckin retarded he changes his opinion on shit every episode like be consistent one thing happends and now conors trash talk is too much ? Lol this nigga dumb af

  5. Thanks Brendan. All the UFC related media are force feeding us the party line narrative that Conor is still the biggest star forever no matter what and that we all will always want to see Conor more than anyone no matter what because he hurls primitive repetitive insults and "mur mur mur" at the pressers, which is somehow "genius" and we will forever want that cos we are dumb. We don't. It got old. We are ready to move on and not let Conor degrade this game further into a cheap disgusting theatre for more and more. And Khabib IS fun.

  6. God Brendan Schaub is Such a Tool. Does not know what the fuck he's talking about. He's not talking about how dumb he looks after all the interviews he did Defending Conor in this Fight. Only to look like a complete fucking Idiot! Man just be a Model and STFU you mislead the casuals so bad.

  7. Fuckin get off Conor's balls Schaub. it's ridiculous how you always keep finding excuses for Conor no matter what happens. The truth is he wasn't performing like he was against Eddie, Nate, etc because Khabib's style is difficult to deal with. So to take away from Khabib's performance and simply say that Conor wasn't himself is hypocritical.

  8. You're feeling down, because you drank that Irish coolaid. Conor is not an argument for GOAT. Not at all. Conor is a great fighter, among many great fighters, in an organization that promotes fights between great fighters, and martial artists, generally. He has pretty slick striking combined with good movement, but he's also one dimensional, and his striking doesn't have depth, or at the least, he's yet to show a very deep striking game. He may not have had to chance to show it, who knows. But, Conor brings a circus to town when he fights, and that's his appeal to the wider audience. To the hard core fan, Conor brings an excitement that a fighter like Khabib never brings, because when Khabib fights, we know exactly what's going to happen. When Conor fights, we at least know we aren't going to watch 2 turtles fucking, like it is when Khabib fights.

  9. “Conor definitely won round 3” what did he land that was of any note? People automatically giving conor round 3 because of how dominant khabib was in round 1&2. Khabib stood with this “world class striker” for full rd 3 and mcgregor didnt do shit. It was a toss up round imo

  10. Khabib's following on insta grew 7 million after the fight believe he has taken ufc to places no one else could have

  11. Conor defended Khabib's ground game better than most because he cheated every time. Let's not rewrite history please

  12. Floyd never dropped conor, kabob dropped conor
    Kabib= world class striking

  13. Connor didnt slip rofl, he got fucking blasted, what a fucking dick rider smh.

  14. Mcgregor didn’t definitely win round 3, was a close round. Conor didn’t show that he can hurt khabib, he needs to fight someone like Kevin Lee before fighting him again

  15. Brendan, stop beating around the Bush and just say it: you wanna suck Conors cock until he explodes all over your face smh…..

  16. If you saw that fight as anything but a dominant one sided whooping. I really wonder what your watching. I’m a Conor fan and that was hard to watch

  17. This is the end of Conor McGregor. He can't beat any of the top guys in any division available to him. Anyone with sense has now seen through the hype cloud he's been riding on for 3 years of the UFC orchestrating silly matchups and giving Conor every protection necesarry to keep him holding gold…. He talked like a hyped up version of himself and couldn't cash the checks his mouth wrote… got destroyed in the Octagon and then pulled a Rousey. Khabib is right – this sport was and is about respect. Conor has been different because he is disrespectful to everyone – the other fighters, the UFC, the media, the fans (being late to fucking everything is disrespectful to you — even if you love him), everyone. That, of course, got the attention of the type of fans no one wants – stupid people that are disrespectful and don't even appreciate respect. Conor plays mind games – sure. But you can only say the things he's said when you don't lose. When he ducked the rematch with Aldo that was my personal exposure to Conor being a coward. We've seen his cowardice on full display while he taps out , ever since. He still talks and idiots still eat up his false words. He literally had to act like a clown yammering about whiskey this time because he can't speak the truth anymore or he'll expose that he is a paper champ who is now finished – while having never once defended a title…. #khabibtime #tonyferguson #maxblessedhalloway are the real fighters ..McNuggets was a distracting clown that is , gladly in my opinion, now a thing of the past. He'll never hold a belt again #backtotheislandclown

  18. Conor can only fight when he's in a flow state and for what ever reason, he wasn't against Khabib.

  19. Good for me. Seeing salty tears of Mcgregor fans. Like evil being vanquished, thank you Khabib.

  20. Stop making excuses you prick. Show respect to khabib and his attitude and relentless fight game. Sick of certain people sucking conors dick all the time. It's embarrasing.

  21. I love how Khabib completely dominated that fight yet people still trying to look for ways to give Conor props

  22. “Would’ve liked to have seen it go longer into the 4th round to see how it really would’ve panned out” ?!??! He was finished!!!

  23. You just hate admitting conors not as good as you've always said. His attitude stinks. His wrestling stinks. His ego is out of control. Not a good role model at all. He shit all over his legacy with this trash talk. Racist bully narcissist.

  24. he was def a bit off, i think he absolutely wins the rematch, he's a master of adjustments. he figured it out now.

  25. 7:35 "Magical" Thats interesting that you would say that. Because cm uses the dark arts to get fortune and fame, thats sad and dangerous. Thats why eddie alvarez couldnt move. If you notice khabib played a praise song before he entered the octagon. It help change the atmosphere.

    Plus he never faced a 5 star wrestler or a rock chin boxer like diaz, both with amazing cardio. When his athleticism is tested, it exposes his re-enforced gloves that give him an advantage too.

  26. Before the fight people would probably say no but now the rematch could be bigger than the first fight so definitely good for the UFC

  27. Its very good for the UFC .. i am a muslim from egypt and my friends and team mates who weren't into the UFC now they are big fans after the fight cause of habib cause they found someone to represent them , and conor fans will not leave after he retires i guess .

  28. Shaub you are not the biggest Connor fan lol why do you feel the need to night hug

  29. Bro you should pull that Connors deepthroat dick out of your mouth you've been gargling his balls this entire fucking 10 minutes of this video all you do is fucking defend Connor like you're his girlfriend.

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