How to Pair Hot Sauce with Food | Hot Ones Extra

One of the most common questions in the Hot Ones mailbag is, “What hot sauce should I put on my lunch!?” Since Sean Evans can’t reply to every photo of pizza and steak sent his way, he hooked up with the Hot Ones chili guru Noah Chaimberg of Heatonist to provide a masterclass that you can apply to ALL your meals. Time to get out of your Sriracha holding pattern and crank up the heat!

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  1. just a thought: fans/critics/watchers may say Sean is cold, but really it's a lack of transitions. That said, keep being awesome Sean. I personally don't mind it (considering, I'm a self proclaimed heatonist), but I can see how others might think that he may be rather cold or whatever, but if you love the magic of hot sauces, you should not be "worried" about "transitions." KEEP UP THE GREAT INTERVIEWS AND BADASSERY, SEAN!

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