Episode 89 – Wooooooooh!

It’s the 89th episode! On today’s show, Chris talks about the Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov fight. Also discussed: Butt’s Up, Mike Tyson, Russians, Melania Trump, vocal training, and a big pet peeve. Plus, Chris answers a bunch of questions from Twitter.

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  1. Hey man, if a guy could literally bend you over and fuck you in the ass, mmm'aybe say his last name right

  2. Chris I have shown this podcast to tons of people and will continue to. Love you man it’s been great you are killing it!

  3. So you're telling me that this LaCroix thing is NOT the same as people eating chocolate and it being poisonous to dogs?

  4. Lol, funny how Chris (a derivative of Christ) doesnt do any drugs and never has done any drugs, but is on many psych meds (ssris/ prob some benzos also…. possibly some anti-psychotics) Great Job !

  5. Double denim or as it's wildly know in Britain as "the Jimmy Corkhill look"

  6. I will never share a podcast because the host tells me to…. dude. be good enough for me to want to share (you do – and I have) but I aint' doin' shit 'cuz y'told me to. even though i did the thing. but shut up

  7. we called that game red ass. or wall ball (when teachers were watching and we would throw the ball at the wall instead of the person)

  8. I come for the ads! Cash app my babies! edit: sold out in Portland. 🙁 A man had a dream, that dream was crushed.

  9. the way you talk about cookies and chips, it's a good job you never got into drink or drugs

  10. Then the Komodo dragon would bite him and “invenomate” him.

    The fuck dude, it’s like you’re not up on the latest with Komodo dragons

  11. Yes Chris! Tyson says he'll eat the guys kids and follows that by saying praise God. Nice combo.

  12. He's not russian, he's daghestani, they haven't assimilated with russians and probably never will.

  13. OMG lmfao. I was floored on the Johnny bravinian part! 😂🇦🇲👌🏻

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