CROWN JEWEL: JBL Says WWE Can Help Bring Change To Saudi Arabia


  1. OH and if they go through with this, they might as well put Chris Benoit in the Hall of Fame and have a gold statue in WWE HQ in Connecticut next to Warrior's Statue.

  2. This could potentially have one of the biggest PR disasters the WWE hasn't seen the likes of which since the Chris Benoit incident. JBL is such an NPC for WWE. Also the only way to make change in Saudi Arabia is depose the prince, the international community needs to put pressure on them like they are with North Korea. End the oil deals.

  3. Exactly. What change, JBL? Behaviour modification? Cognitive restructuring? You are definitely not talking about ethnic cleansing, are you? See what happens when you are being vague? People tend to call you out on your b.s.

    I hope he isn't referencing the so-called Women's Revolution because nothing much about the status quo of women's wrestling in their division has changed. Most of their attires are suggestive, none of the modern crop are revolutionary, and they haven't done anything really noteworthy to set themselves apart from the men. All the matches they labelled as a first-ever, men helped popularize. They haven't demonstrated an innovation of novel concepts.

    So what change will that be, exactly?


  5. The only change that needs to happen is BAS RUTTEN ripping the arms of that cock sucking red neck bully JBL for harassing & bullying the best combat sports commentator Mauro Ronalo & several other talents over the years !!!!😈😈😈

  6. Why should WWE cancel the bisness with Saudi Arabia when the U.S gouvernement is still doing bisness with them . total hypocrites

  7. I said it in other videos and I'm going to say it, the majority of the fans aren't as outraged as they pretend to be. They didn't even boo Vince when he came out. Hell, the hardcore that cry about Roman don't boo Vince either but are so quick to blame Vince for almost anything they don't like in the WWE. This is going to blow over and WWE will still go to Saudi Arabia.

    Solomonster, since your first name is Jason, you would be The Red Hood.

  8. Am I the only one who is worried for wwe or Vince McMahon if he pulls out of the Saudi Arabia event. Knowing that they do what they want to people of they don’t get there way? I think it’s a very fucked up situation for Vince.

  9. How stupid can one person get. This is literally the dumbest thing a human being could say, about anything. Dennis Rodman barely got Kim Jong Un to chill out a bit, how the hell can WWE do anything.

  10. NPC JBL:: We wish to be the forefront of change in Saudi Arabia so that we can change in the country.
    NPC Randy Orton: We could be the changing force in Saudi Arabia so we must go there.

  11. JBL blocked me. Idk about listening to him about WWE bringing change. They do charities and bully campaign. They have their hands in everything

  12. Bradshaw is just as delusional as Vince. Seriously, this show needs to be canceled. If wwe have any decency left, they will cancel this show and postpone the tournament until further notice.

  13. JBL not only thinks a wrestling company should be a political movement.. he also thinks Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the same city.

  14. People are like:Cancel Crown Jewel
    Meanwhile Vince is wondering:How can Roman Reigns headline the WWE Evolution PPV

  15. Solomonster forgot to mention that not only did JBL say this but he also brought up the SmackDown show after 9/11 when talking about Crown Jewel.

    Those two are in no way similar! The SmackDown after 9/11 was meant to be a gathering of US citizens who were still in mourning and trying their damndest to recover from that horrific incident. This Crown Jewel show is nothing more than a giant propaganda campaign by the Saudi government.

  16. What do you expect? JBL is one of McMahons "Yes-Man"….. "Yes Mr. McMahon: This looks good on you" "Yes Mr. McMahon: This sounds great" "Yes, Mr. McMahon: A Saudi Arabia show at this moment is a great idea!"

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