CROWN JEWEL: JBL Says WWE Can Help Bring Change To Saudi Arabia


  1. What do you expect? JBL is one of McMahons "Yes-Man"….. "Yes Mr. McMahon: This looks good on you" "Yes Mr. McMahon: This sounds great" "Yes, Mr. McMahon: A Saudi Arabia show at this moment is a great idea!"

  2. Solomonster forgot to mention that not only did JBL say this but he also brought up the SmackDown show after 9/11 when talking about Crown Jewel.

    Those two are in no way similar! The SmackDown after 9/11 was meant to be a gathering of US citizens who were still in mourning and trying their damndest to recover from that horrific incident. This Crown Jewel show is nothing more than a giant propaganda campaign by the Saudi government.

  3. People are like:Cancel Crown Jewel
    Meanwhile Vince is wondering:How can Roman Reigns headline the WWE Evolution PPV

  4. JBL not only thinks a wrestling company should be a political movement.. he also thinks Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the same city.

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