A Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor rematch is as simple as Conor asking for it.


  1. Conor is not worth rematch! And if Conor lost again that rematch, then we should do again second rematch? like wtf, be real man, no rematch here!

  2. cheal calm down khabib breaks coner's soul the fight is over you looking from athletic perspective in terms of fighting khabib win its over

  3. Styles make fights and Tony would be much more interesting vs Khabib for the non casual fans. He can do so much more than Conor on his back. He has x10's more traps and guile than Connor in that position. Look at what he did to K Lee. I'm not saying he beats Khabib, but he wins a round or two.

  4. We've seen him come back and win yes against a guy which he dominated in the first 2 rounds and knocked down multiple times, conor never had a chance against khabib.

  5. Connor McGregor does not have the wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, the striking, or foot movement to defeat Khabib. There are only a few fighter like Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee that have the skills to defeat Khabib. Connor McGregor does not have chokes or submissions or high level wrestling to transition into Jiu Jitsu submissions to counter Khabib's World Class Sabo wrestling in his game and that is what is needed to win.

  6. hell no, conor doesnt deserve a rematch, chael you are right about the finer details on the floor particularly the elbows, what about the cheating on the ground by conor holding the shorts. khabib totally had conors number in the stand up, the threat of the takedown and khabibs movement nullified conors left hand. a conor khabib rematch would be like a holly holmes and ronda rousey rematch

  7. wow, chael is definitely old school, in the sense of he hate russians and… plus he is on conors balls

  8. Khabib allowed Conor to stand for a bit this last fight. Dont think he cares to do it again. We're going to be stuck w a boring champ for a while.

  9. Conor dropped to #8 P4P…but I think Conor/Nate 3 should happen IF there is no rematch.

  10. Chael Sonnen is gonna win in finals of Grand Prix to be the NEW Heavyweight Champion!! Called it

  11. Khabib is from an honour culture/ tradition, it`s a totally different world from the western bubble of reality TV, consumer culture, fast food and loose trash talk debasing another man's culture, religion and family.
    Honour killings still happen in Dagestan, the land of the mountains. probably the most dangerous place in Europe.
    Conor is lucky there was a referee in the octagon otherwise he would have left the arena in a coffin and I say that in all seriousness.

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