83 Weeks #25: The Giant in WCW

This week on 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff, Eric and Conrad discuss the WCW run of “The Giant” Paul Wight, also known as “The Big Show” in WWE. Hear about Paul’s early days in wrestling, how he was discovered by Hulk Hogan, the WCW Power Plant, The Dungeon Of Doom, the infamous Cobo Hall angle, becoming WCW Champion, working with Hogan both in the ring and out, joining the NWO in 1996, his unfocused babyface and heel turns, smoking on the way to the ring, teaming with Lex Luger and Scott Hall, his troubles with Kevin Nash both in and out of the ring, working with Ric Flair, Diamond Dallas Page, The Steiner Bros., Sting, and finally, leaving for the WWF/WWE in early 1999. All this plus all the ins and outs of The Giant in WCW!


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