Tyron Woodley Wants McGregor Fight If He Beats Khabib | The Hollywood Beatdown

UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley is BACK in the TMZ newsroom to discuss the upcoming McGregor vs. Khabib fight and Jon Jones returning from suspension at the end of this year. Tyron also demonstrates how he submitted Darren Till, tune in to find out who was the crash test dummy!


  1. All he will do is go the ground it be the biggest pussy move ever also if Connor beats khabib he would destroy Tyron no way Tyron will land they over hang right

  2. Don’t understand you people has no one watched connors fight I think you need to educate more on this because it’s starts with connors stance and baiting to land no has that in the ufc but yall hate on the person that made the ufc what it is

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