The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 395


  1. Brendan never lets Bryan finish his set ups for jokes, it makes me sad to think of the better comedy I could of heard

  2. Brendan and his brother for sure have sex. Hes always talking about him he loves him way more then a brother and its disgusting.

  3. I was about to unload the Brinks trucks along with nineteen models who pulled up in a motorcade of Rolls Royce’s and Lambo’s I bought them when I saw this video and now they’ll all have to wait.

  4. Bryan and Brendan always talk over each other, but this episode took the cake. They did not give a shit about each other's stories in this one

  5. Why is that big gay trucker wearing women's ski boots from the 80's?

  6. Person who writes the best response I will send them 100 via PayPal: If there was a God hypothetically, what would a God be like characteristically?

  7. I needed that mental lift from at the start before Schlub shat all over your positive monday message, Bryan! Shame I could have done with that TBH!

  8. This is the first time I’ve seen Bryan slow down, he might be tired from filming but doesn’t seem like he wanted to be on the show

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