The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 393: Nick Kroll


  1. Schaubs back on kratom. I can tell in the first 5 minutes cause his mouth hes running a mile a minute, same thibg happens to me..i get zooming off that and coffee

  2. Bryan "tart tartin' ass, big gay owl, psoraisis kid, anal warts, the riddler, 51 year old gay man" Callen

  3. chin i hope you read this and know that brendan's shoes in this episode cost $1800.

  4. I hate it when they talk about superheroes and they don't know jack shit and I am geek. haha.

  5. Jesus, I wish I could shit on Brendan for being such a flamboyant fag but the dudes ballin and I ain't got fuckin 2 sticks to rub together…

  6. Love it when they talk about things they have no clue about.. catfish sting you LOOOOOOL

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