The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 392


  1. Brendan Schaub is pretty much Mac from It's Always Sunny at this point

  2. Idk about anyone else, I don't mind the late uploads, I've either already watched my daily dose of junk or went through my subs, this is a good way to end the day or just catch when I finally get some downtime at night.

  3. RIP bryun callin..our baby boyis left 2 soon..but your death is not a drawll..looks like bronkton has to carry the ship and drive the torch with his bbbeast of comedy..i mean howl good is the cawelmedy store right now?? Murdwers rowls.. Gadoosh! ..hey b you teeth or crooked and psorisis..what are we doin here?

  4. Remember when Bryan was remembering random "Hollywood Bank" show couple weeks ago, This is the moment Bryan watches his apprentice make his first bad career decision… #Bravo

  5. Ca homeless can't be killed. After ww3 and nuclear annihilation there will still be tent cities in la and sf.theyll be the last strong hold of civilization

  6. Brendan had as a kid and continues to have some of the worst taste ever.

  7. Hamilton is like 2.5 hours. If you didn't like it you didn't like it. I mean I loved it but does he not realize he regularly puts out podcasts close to 2 hours? Dude's got the attention span of a preening cat.

  8. Bravo channel,Dudes kissing in movies, real housewives,chicks with dicks, actors bodies, theaters and plays. This is gayer then when they sing songs about dicks

  9. My Dream World:
    400th TFATK would be the final episode.
    Bryan goes to Congratulations with doughgoats Chris_Raw_ D'elia, than bring in Will who gives a f*ck Samoan Sasso to revitalize and bring back Ten Minute Podcast…
    Brendan goes on with Chin and Theo to form a podcast called "All were missing is a black guy"

  10. For those of you who don't know why Brian Callen is famous in any way, shape, or form: search "dance of the poolboy" on youtube. You're welcome.

  11. Brendan Schaub the beast of an analyst looks at Callen like an idiot when he says Woodley has the same reach as Till which is exactly what was mentioned during the commentary. He cant stand that Callen can bullshit his way through analysing a fight just as good as him!

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