Press Conference Psychology: Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov

The first and maybe only UFC 229 press conference took place on Thursday Radio City Music Hall with Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor squaring off for the first time in front of the media only event. Chael Sonnen gives his analysis of the psychology behind each fighter and their unique approach to promoting this potentially record-breaking fight.


  1. The reason Conor was so nasty this time is that it isn't easy to get to a man like khabib and he said exactly what would make a man like him mad so he will over commit in the fight and Conor can catch him on the chin like he did to all of his other top level opponents.

  2. To be fair to Khabib I think English is Khabibs 3rd or 4th language… he really wasnt in a position to do much let alone understand it.

  3. Actually If u watched the bus video Conor tapped the window more ruthlessly than khabib lol

  4. I commented on a different video about how terrible Conor was. He came off looking insane. Oh how wrong I was. I watched the whole thing. This presser was the best I've EVER seen. I was hypnotized. Conor may not have planned it this way but- it was SO intense that I couldn't keep my eyes off either one of them. Maybe Conor did plan it this way. WOW!!

    P.S I'm a big fan of khabibs

  5. Why you lie to make conor look good ? Khabib never said " we will just do it again "

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