Chael Sonnen’s analysis of Tyron Woodley.


  1. Curtis Blaydes had solid wrestling, Ngannou crushed him, no? Good analogy anyway though. Love you Chael.

  2. TWood makes is soooooo hard to like him, unless you yourself are one of those victim mentality people who think everything revolves race and racism. The majority of people especially in the UFC’s demographic are race baiting snowflakes, therefore TWood gets an extra hard time when he goes down that road, which he usually does in some form or fashion in 90% of his interviews. That being said, I think TWood has grown up some or atleast he’s trying to, which is encouraging.. long way to go, but he carried himself a lot better after this fight then he has done previously

  3. There will never be a rematch because Woodley won every aspect of the fight? Well – what about DJ vs Cejudo 1? That was an ass whooping, yet Cejudo still managed to get his rematch and WIN.

  4. Shows how uneventful the UFC has been the last year when Chael says Till is the fighter of the year ….. hopefully the next 12 months are more entertaining

  5. When Bruce Jenner became a woman she got paid less money – so yeah it's true women get paid less compared to men.

  6. Tyron has great fight iq and explosiveness. Everything else is just ok. Rory exposed the shit out of him. His accomplishments far exceed his skills.

  7. New drinking game.

    Drink everytime sonnen says "I'll offer you this".

    Love the podcast mate.

  8. Woodley just has the experience. Knowing what to do in all situations. Till's a tough mofo tho

  9. Tyron has always shown how to beat the fighters at 170, I hope he keeps winnning so that ufc and uncle bobby dana gets humbled.

  10. These videos are really good. They have some really nice info in them, for someone like me who isnt that literate in fighting.

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