A Sex Worker | This Past Weekend #132


  1. I'm surprised no one posted her name in the comments yet lol

  2. $50 is hella expensive for a bj on the street. She acting like she with them hos but she not. She sucking dick for 1,000$s the ones on the streets doing it for $5 lol fuck out of here

  3. She seems like a soulless psychopath tbh. She’s a female sex worker that seems to have no connection to men, not care about them, etc. For sure wouldn’t spend $500 an hour on someone like that.

  4. Not a big fan of the dark arts of this nutcatcher, but I do love the idea you have here of bringing ‘regular’ people onto the podcast. Keep it up Theo.

  5. “That nut catcher” theo describing the prostitute that self identifies using euphemisms

  6. Fuck this girl ahaha. She's a fucking a bum yo. Hope she dies of aids or a fucking dirty needle in the eye. Fucking trash ass girl ahahaha.

  7. “He wouldn’t give me enough to live” “I only slept with him 5 times in 7 months” what you expecting lady lol. You ain’t putting out and you want more paper? She whylin. Ho ho ho

  8. Definitely not healthy long-term but i think it probably should be decriminalized and discouraged just like drugs.

  9. Very good interview. She is an intelligent woman who is making a living. I don't see anything wrong with what two grown people do. I have been paying my wife essentially for 20 years to fuck me.

  10. This is some leftist shit trying to normalize whoring. This woman is a broken human being; likely to commit suicide, probably already addicted to hard drugs.

  11. You know there's some guy in philly going: omg that's ma sexual fullfiller.

  12. Looks like she hiding a couple double delicious sand bags in that hoodie.

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