100% SPECULATION – Nick Diaz vs Colby Covington


  1. Why would you have an Interim Champion when the Champion just defended his belt? I don’t even understand the Interim Champ concept to begin with, but this is straight up meaningless.

  2. 100% SPECULATION – Rampage Jackson left a hickey on Chael's neck.

  3. Seems like there’s a constant he said/ she said going on a Welterweight

    (Though more like a he said/he said since all the participants are male)

    Dana publicly states that RDA vs. Lawler is a #1 contender fight and the winner will fight for the title next, meanwhile there are rumors that the UFC is planning to book Covington vs. Woodley on TUF.

    RDA says he was told Woodley wouldn’t fight him till the end of the year, Woodley publicly says he told the UFC he would fight Dos Anjos in July and the made the interim for no reason. Dana doesn’t weigh in to support either claim. (Personally, I don’t think Dos Anjos was lying. Why would he talk an interim fight with Covington if he could just fight Woodley in July. But do think it seems possible someone lied to him about what Woodley said, but also equally possible that he isn’t telling the whole story)

    Then there’s the convenient injury delays….for e.g. Covington having vague "little health issues" from his last fight that weren’t mentioned at the time and which he expects will have him ready to fight by November….which coincidentally would give him a bigger payday.


    I have no inside information on whether Woodley waited 5 months to have surgery purely because he disliked the surgery and hoped his shoulder would heal on its own, or because he wanted to be available for a possible money fight, or because he’d like to force RDA to keep fighting other dangerous opponents in hopes that he would lose (because he looks like a dangerous style match for Woodley)
    or some combination of factors. But I get the impression it wasn’t purely the hope that it would heal on its own.

    It gets tiresome.

  4. I love that you get it wrong all the time. Thats why I watch you… Enjoyable commentary

  5. Diaz will fuckin destroy Colby, did you not see what the human backpack Maia did??? And those were the first strikes he had ever thrown

  6. Where exactly is Chael responding to comments, because it sure as hell isn't here.. Has he EVER commented on youtube?

  7. NICK v Colby for the IC would be awesome!!!!!

  8. As if Chael's not on the juice! He has veins coming out of his lips! Don't worry, Fedor will still KO you.

  9. As much as I would love this to happen unfortunately Nick and Nate have said several times they won't fight on the same card as each other.

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