Will Eddie Alvarez sign with UFC again?


  1. Eddie threw that fight with Conor. He’ll get picked up by the ufc no problem.

  2. Eddie should realise that he won't get a UFC belt again , so he should sign to bellator to get more money for his last remaining fights .

  3. The truth is Eddie is a tough dude who fights hard – but a combination of the total humiliating domination by Conor and his repeated illegal strikes mean his credibility at the very top level is destroyed. Stay and be a one win, one loss gatekeeper? Or get more money at Bellator for slightly easier fights? I think he'll leave.

  4. I wanna see Eddie resigned, with UFC signing Ben Askern and Michael Chandler, have them fight each other

  5. Link to where I can buy that Chael Sonnen official Orange T please.

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