The MMA Beat: Episode 202


  1. I actually thought this was Luke's best show so far. He's getting more measured and tempered. Steadily improving. Brian needs some polish, but I'm starting to dig his input.

  2. 1:34:22 This is one of the dumbest things a person has ever said. America loves second chances but they don't love success stories. They love "successes" that fell short of their goals or figures who they can pity. America loves a loser.

  3. Luke you absolutely need to stop talking over every single person you interview or have on your panel. You HAVE TO LET THE OTHER PERSON SPEAK, BEFORE sharing your opinion. Overall I love what you do, but this really needs to change.

  4. I really don't think it's a bad idea to have MMA judges sit on Tennis umpire chairs. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. I’m not sure why there is a panel of 4 journalists and no experts. Not very exciting or informative show.

  6. Gee, I wonder what special supplements an athlete could take to bounce back from surgery super fast..hmm…

  7. I don't understand why Luke is saying that there isn't a contender at featherweight. These so-called super fights is what's destroying the UFC. Fans are starting to tune out because the UFC is becoming WWE. It's becoming a circus. What the UFC needs is stability. When did the UFC start going south? I say it's when Conor decided not to defend his belt and fight Nate, twice. For a year that division just sat there. Then his next belt it sat there for 18 months, but we had an interim. During that time Jones had his mishap too and we had another interim title. This isn't healthy for the sport. What it's going to make is more interim title fights, which true fans know is just BS and they will tune out. DC fighting a man who hasn't won in 8 years, yet Brock is fighting for the belt. This isn't healthy. // You can't have Henry Cejudo fight Sergio Pettis now. He just beat him last December. Even though Joseph Benavidez lost to Pettis in June he was on a 6 fight winning streak before that and had beat Cejudo in one of those fights. As for TJ, Cruz makes zero sense. Cruz hasn't fought in 2 years and lost to the man TJ just KO'd twice in his last fight. So it should be Raphael Assuncao next for TJ to see who wins the trilogy. Assuncao beat Marlon Moraes and is ranked higher. I'd like Cody Garbrandt to fight John Lineker. Cruz should fight Marlon Moraes.

  8. Luke use to annoy me but he's growing on me. Ima fan now.

  9. i like brian as an addition, interesting and different perspective, keep having him on

  10. If you don't like it …dont watch….actions speak much louder (im here for the banter)

  11. Fighters should all boxing a license this way they'll fall under the Ali Act. They should ALL say we will NOT sign to fight exclusively in just one promotion because the promotion doesn't see me as an employee. As a freelance fighter they should have the option to fight where they please.

  12. If Conor wins the title, and Till beats Woodley. There is no chance in hell McGregor steps into Welterweight. Darren will make Conor look like a Child.

  13. Get rid of luke the bully thomas and btw have someone else host while he's off taking in his words a break… Sorry luke but your ego is out of control. Try Marc Raimondi or Danny to host 🙂 the new guy is a breath of fresh air

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