The Little Pill Moment – JRE Toon


  1. love it but if anything an expired pill would lose some of its strength, especially if it goes through the wash. what really happened was it got him higher than the other ones because while it was sitting there his tolerance dropped (bc he wasn't taking any). lower tolerance = higher high

  2. Yo jre and coco should do a animation series of this on adult swim..of course add all the homies to

  3. Washing the vicodin removes the time release coating which makes it hit you all at once. Same thing if you chew one up.

  4. Hydrocodone doesn't really expire. It's got a rather ling half life so it makes no difference. And secondly it's water soluble so washing it, all the good stuff was washed away leaving nothing but pill filler behind. Classic case of a placebo effect

  5. Love Uncle Joey but if she washed the Vicodin it would have melted away in seconds.

  6. If only expired pills worked that way, Joey is obviously telling a big fat lie here but it's funny.

  7. Joe can roll a joint and light it with just his mouth. That's baller.

  8. the animation of him rolling the join with his mouth was crazy 😀

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