The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 382: Tony Hinchcliffe & Jeremiah Watkins


  1. Hey let's hear more about what Brendan thinks about politics

  2. I'm five minutes in and if I listen any longer, Tony's annoying voice is gonna give me ear cancer

  3. As soon as I saw this guy as guest. I deleted teh episode 🙂 and I came here to tell you that and i am proud that I did..

  4. Why is Brendan such a fuckin jackass? Let the conversation fucking breathe for a minute, he might actually get something funny out of it.

  5. uggghhhh.. Tony is the WORST guest ever. So obnoxious and cringey. Nothing he says is funny, he is just constantly annoying and irritating. How does this disgusting idiot pass for a comedian? Seriously, a person like this is really bad for the channel and the brand and is very off putting to everyone. I'm curious how the fuck anyone would give this podcast a thumbs up.. smh

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