The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #609 – Jim Florentine


  1. Springsteen was unacceptable but White Snake and Twisted Sister was the shit lol. You'd think they'd acknowledge how narrow minded they were, but it looks like they still feel the same.

  2. Speak the fuck up Joey! I tried watching live and had to bail when you started whispering.

  3. Music used to be 85% songs had an actual melody and we're at least quasi danceable. The lyrics were positive and usually about boy meets girl, or girl meets boy, they fall in love, they're happy forevermore, end of tune. Today, music is "I'm hot and I'm worth it.", or "F*¢k you and f*¢k her too". The technology of the Autotuner has been an albatross. The Autotuner meant the record companies could sign singers who can't stay on key which imparts an ever increasing level of mediocrity, essentially maintaining the level of industry output by pissing the "talent pool", diluting music overall. Musicians back in the day came from people who were the superlative songwriters AND multitalented players of instruments of every description and sang with voices that made the angels weep with joy. Today, we get a near talentless, needy, infantile, ungrateful and greedy personalities who frankly, have no personality. The internet is a new music environment that to me is like having a truckload of turds, knowing that in there somewhere are a few tunes worth adding to the playlist. The catch is that you have to try to shine every single turd to find the very few that have a little lustre. I have a life in need of it's soundtrack. Spending that life looking for the traveling music instead of doing the traveling is for the same kind of people who not coincidentally comprise the piss polluted "talent pool".

    Explain how Metallica in the very beginning, had a hardcore fanbase that were 90% safety pin in the cheek, dressed up like tropical fish PUNK ROCKERS. Hmmmm….yep.

  4. Funny when someone says 'Gay Comments' about The Beatles and The Stones, when everyone knows Jagger and Lennon sucked a cock or two in their time

  5. So when is Joey going to realize how horrible Lee is as a co-host? All he does is giggle like a retard and ruin the entire vibe of the show by asking stupid, pointless questions or saying totally random, unfunny bullshit. He's not as bad as usual in this one, but man does he drag the show down. He's the Opie of this show.

  6. Goddamn Jim, your son isn't a genius because you drag him on stage and feed him jokes, and he recognizes the songs you play all the time. I like Jim, but he thinks his kid is the smartest child in the world, and it's pretty irritating knowing he's just a talentless,privleged piece of shit with a rich/famous father…

  7. Jesus fucking Christ, Lee is such a fat, annoying little attention whore. Why does that useless, unfunny little piece of shit HAVE to be on camera anyways,while adding nothing to the podcast and actually dragging it down whenever he says something random and pointless, or unnecessarily giggles like a retarded, 12 year old girl. I love Joey and most of his guests, but does EVERY podcast NEED a totally unbearable, talentless cunt as a co-host?

  8. Love the podcast Joey. Thought I'd share one of my fucked up stories. Hope you like it COKE TRAILER
    . I was living with my brother and one other roommate and we were all into drugs very heavily acid shrooms crank cocaine mainly cocaine and acid so when you're living in a house with a bunch of drug addicts you tend to start thinking you're being shorted or left out of certain drugs. I was convinced that I was buying more cocaine then I was actually using and that pissed me off to the point that I rented a trailer one time for two weeks. I paid the deposit first month and last and security. I didn't tell anyone that I had done this ,it wasn't uncommon for me to disappear for days or even years at a time. I once told my mom I was going to Tennessee to visit a friend for the weekend and I was going 2 years to the day. Anyway The only reason I rented that trailer was to do cocaine by myself.  In that two weeks I do not remember going outside. Going to the store, eating, sleeping,fucking nothing . The only thing I remember about that two weeks is opening the door buying an 8-ball closing the door repeat repeat repeat. I had to have gone out sometime either to a fucking atm or something ,I didn't take all that cash with me. I don't even remember being high in the trailer. I don't remember nothing absolutely nothing but renting it, buying the 8 balls and getting my money back when I left.  When I say trailer I mean this was a mobile home in a mobile home trailer park. 2 weeks later I got my first and last rent back plus my deposit. I don't even think I had clothes. Basically I didn't want to share so I went and got my own place. When I left that place  I went back to where I lived with my brother and roommate  like nothing ever happened .  In fact  my brother and I  later  rented a house from the same guy that was the owner of the trailer .  He never mentioned it like it never happened  in front of my brother .  I think you knew what I was doing I might have even seen him in that two-week. I don't know  but he knew I was in there doing something that I didn't want anybody to know about . That's two weeks of my life that I have no fucking idea what the hell happened. LOL. Thanks for reading hope you like the story.  peace


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