One Degree | This Past Weekend #123


  1. got my coffee. got my theo. got my ganj. I'm so happy right now (which is rare) thanks Mr. vooon! Hope anyone that reads this comment has a wonderful day and know you have so much potential. <3

  2. I wanted to get your guys opionon sexiest midget alive or nah google "toussfit" Instagram

  3. I start my day off with a line of meth and a coffee, then I run around the block, come back, sit down for a good 15 20 seconds, get back up, pace back and forth deciding wither or not I should do the last of my cocaine, finally go and grab it, do that too, [and I forgot the rest of the bit I was getting at :'(]

  4. When will the Joey Diaz episode be released and When is the Bee Sting coming on the show?

  5. Ice Cream Snickers are the best and I mostly buy them in 6-packs, lol.

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