Mcgregor vs Khabib and much more – AMA 28 – Firas Zahabi


  1. Did Firas get rid of his Patreon? I was subscribed and it just disappeared one day and when I look for it, it says the page no longer exists.

  2. Totally agree w/ Firas: if Khabib survives the 1st round, he'll dominate the fight (on the ground).

  3. Money Mayweather vs Thug Rose in mma . Who wins ??

  4. conor wins and either gsp or nate diaz is $$$
    khabib wins and tony ferguson is the fight to make

  5. Can't wait to hear the detailed KvsC breakdown 🙂
    Coach, have you ever encountered a student or athlete who seemed to be prone to connective tissue injuries such as chronic ankle or wrist sprains, and if so do you have a strategy to overcome the problem?

  6. I think McGregor would stun Khabib but get taking down if he follows up with another punch. Aldo was his only single punch knockout that ended the fight there and then.

  7. My record on the bleep test is around 11. Haven't done it in a long time, would love to have the space to do it consistently. Would have to go do it in a park or something…

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