K-Hole Moment – JRE Toon


  1. Ketamine is not simply "an animal tranquilizer". It was developed for the Vietnam war, as a military combat trauma treatment, a safer option to the morphine. Morphine had the unfortunate side effect of disabling and sometimes even killing the soldier, whereas ketamine would not put them to any further risk, and sometimes even allowed them to maintain their wits, and keep fighting with a heavy wound.

    Most importantly, the safety side of things succeeded incredibly well. This is why it was relatively quickly adopted into most pediatric hospitals around the world, and is still being used as a children's anesthetic. Adults not so much, because it has the side effect of temporary reality disconnect. Egos might get broken. Of course panic attacks and violent rampages would be in the realm of possible too, since you are now dealing with a person who lost control. But it's not so much of a problem with kids and animals, right?

  2. Is Eddie Bravo a Retard?

    …and who the fuck would call their kid 'Eddie Bravo' anyway? Wasn't that what Greg Brady called himself when he was a Rock Star in the Brady Bunch ?

  3. Fuck that nitro cold brew and fuck joe rogan.. i ordered a pack last month.. not only is it not here yet. They are completely ignoring me..

  4. Been doing k since I was 16 when go party’s n that had some mad k holes where I been riding a train around the room then I fall through the floor in my cart lmao outer body experiences are dope tho man it opens your mind

  5. man whoever does the animation for Eddie is a genius and deserves props captures him so well!

  6. Oke een k hole is kapot grappig maar je weet er na die tijd niks van, misschien omdat je verdooft bent. Heb zelf al pittig veel ervaring met een k hole.

  7. How can two idiots comment on a drug they have never done?? Couple of parrots repeating bullcrap they have heard from inexperienced users.hey joe its not like you're beloved dmt where you leave your body and could be attacked or worse because you're body is laying there for 10 plus minutes. Ketamine is very healing and spiritual. Yea you are supposed to lay down or sit in a lotus position and let it work on you.

  8. This would be totally cool if they actually animated these guys and put them into scenarios and actions that go with the dialog, a conversation like this should have more demons anal raping and unicorn riding…naked.  😉

  9. Ketamine is actually a really enjoyable drug. Some of the best experiences I've had were by taking a high dose, putting on some headphones, ambient lighting, closing my eyes and "dreaming" in a ket trip. It can give you the same types of profound thoughts and realisations that other drugs can.

  10. That looks nothing like Eddie Bravo and you are usually spot on with your animations

  11. y people so scared of acid, i think its a clearer head trip than shrooms

  12. Eddie still denying he was fucked up during that Acid Church episode lol he was as outta there as everyone else

  13. Ketamine ruined my life. I started off by using it occasionally, but eventually graduated to using it everyday. Developed SVT because of it and now have to live with the consequences for the rest of my life. I had to go to rehab for 3 months to get off all the drugs I was using, and am proud to say that I am clean for 7 months. I began using it because I noticed that it completely nullified anxiety. I was care free and numb to everything. If I can give any advice it is definitely to stay away from this drug. Any hard drugs are the devil man. Stick to the dank or some acid. These other drugs are just bad news waiting to happen

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