K-Hole Moment – JRE Toon


  1. Ketamine ruined my life. I started off by using it occasionally, but eventually graduated to using it everyday. Developed SVT because of it and now have to live with the consequences for the rest of my life. I had to go to rehab for 3 months to get off all the drugs I was using, and am proud to say that I am clean for 7 months. I began using it because I noticed that it completely nullified anxiety. I was care free and numb to everything. If I can give any advice it is definitely to stay away from this drug. Any hard drugs are the devil man. Stick to the dank or some acid. These other drugs are just bad news waiting to happen

  2. Eddie still denying he was fucked up during that Acid Church episode lol he was as outta there as everyone else

  3. y people so scared of acid, i think its a clearer head trip than shrooms

  4. That looks nothing like Eddie Bravo and you are usually spot on with your animations

  5. Ketamine is actually a really enjoyable drug. Some of the best experiences I've had were by taking a high dose, putting on some headphones, ambient lighting, closing my eyes and "dreaming" in a ket trip. It can give you the same types of profound thoughts and realisations that other drugs can.

  6. This would be totally cool if they actually animated these guys and put them into scenarios and actions that go with the dialog, a conversation like this should have more demons anal raping and unicorn riding…naked.  😉

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