JRE MMA Show #38 with Gaston Bolanos & Kirian Fitzgibbons


  1. MMA fans are so dumb sometimes. Anytime someone gets knocked out they start saying he doesn’t have a chin. TJ was dropping bombs on Codys head. Those hammer fists on the ground weren’t being blocked, those things are vicious, constantly rocking the brain back and forth really fast. Those hooks he hit caught him right on the spot, and that knee was huge and Cody’s legs never went full limp, he never went completely out, he even kept going foreword after the stoppage. TJ is a monster, dude hits hard as fuck even without his roids.

  2. i wish there was a way to find some of those ONNIT shirts Joe wears. Website doesnt have them and i live 30 minutes from ONNIT and they dont have shit on their showroom floor. Come on Joe, hook us up

  3. I've met Kirian. He's a good guy, and CSA is an awesome gym, but when he talk's his eyes roll back like the undertaker pinning someone after a godddamn tombstone piledriver, and it's super creepy.

  4. These guys have their oligopolies and monopolies and think they can take away free speech.

  5. On behalf of all my friends in Sandy Hook and for the 20 beautiful children wasted and the additional horror you have put upon the survivors- Fuck You Alex Jones

  6. i watched this an hour after it was posted and i already had 157,830 views lol

  7. Rogan is such a punk. I bet he won't say anything to stick up for his old buddy Alex Jones.

  8. Funny how coach Kirian still cannot just say that Gaston lost in MMA to a better MMA fighter. All respect to Gaston as a Muay Thai fighter, but MMA is a different sport. Brandon didn’t only finish the undefeated fighter in combat sports, but also beat him in the stand up department where Gaston was unbeatable.
    No video huh? Brandon Laroco was 1-1 as a pro in MMA before he fought Gaston and both of those fights are on YouTube. Brandon also went 9-0 as an amateur in MMA and the majority of those are on YouTube as well. All respect to CSA, but give true respect where respect is due. Gaston got beat with a good game plan.

  9. Why don't we get more top boxers on here? Not sure if I know of any good conversationalists under that category, though lol.

  10. Didn’t gaston get rocked and dropped by a spinning back kick from a bjj specialist in his last fight.? LOL

  11. Who gives a shit if Alex Jones is as banned? He didn’t follow YouTube policy, suck a dick

  12. Joe kept asking them the same question in a row lol “did they request anything?” Dam joe

  13. No one's slick as Gaston
    No one's quick as Gaston
    No one's neck's as incredibly thick as Gaston
    For there's no man in town half as manly
    Perfect, a pure paragon
    You can ask any Tom, Dick or Stanley
    And they'll tell you whose team they prefer to be on

    No one's big like Gaston
    A king pin like Gaston
    No one's got a swell cleft in his chin like Gaston
    As a specimen, yes, I'm intimidating
    My, what a guy, that Gaston

  14. Just found out on his wiki page that one of Duane Ludwig's nicknames is "the snake charmer". I guess that answers your question Joe on why Duane and TJ are always stuck together like glue.

  15. Good podcast and a good father and son duo with some great stories! Where is the mma fights talk?

  16. Joe… after today's happenings, you most certainly need to have Alex Jones on very soon.

  17. PSA for Alex Jones supporters: No one above an iq of 75 wants to listen to what Alex Jones has to say

  18. Alex jones has become a demented fool he use to be good but these days he's become nothing but Donald Trump's little bitchboy

  19. If rico verhoeven would walk in to a supermarket here in holland everybody would freak the fuck out

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