Demetrious Johnson vs. Henry Cejudo Breakdown | BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub

Brendan talks about judging/biased arguments on Henry Cejudo winning vs. Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson.

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  1. Schaub: google Mma scoring criteria. Position isn't important. "Establishing an attack" and the result gaining the position matter more.

  2. It's a point in wrestling, but this is mma. The goal of wrestling is to score takedowns but for man it is to beat up your opponent

  3. i think henry did enough to get the w in rounds 3 4 and 5 but we should not forget midway in round 2 dj has torn his acl and broke his foot maybe in the same round

  4. Serious question here, you keep saying in wrestling it would be a take down, and that's just the way it is. But in the UFC/MMA are judges told to use wrestling scoring parameters? If not then your entire reasoning is no good.

  5. why is a takedown such a massive point in a fight but when a fighter springs straight back up it means nothing

  6. I feel it was a very close fight.
    Watching it live I though DJ won it but would need to watch it again.

    However regarding the takedowns I disagree.
    There is nothing that really specify what a takedown is in MMA (This is MMA not wrestling)

    However I don't see it as a failed attempt either.
    If I was judging it I would look at it like this
    Cejudo won some "Points" with the takedown however DJ won those "Points" back with the roll escape.

  7. Something I've found telling in the aftermath of the MM loss is that literally everyone who says that they had Cejudo winning the decision follows up their opinion by showing a complete misunderstanding in how the UFC guidelines state that takedowns specifically and wrestling in general are scored. If you take your opponent down and don't follow that up with effect striking or attempts to end the fight (submissions, etc), you are not supposed to be given credit on the scorecards. "Takedowns" are not a scoring move, what happens after potentially is.

  8. TJ should drop to 125 and capture the flyweight belt thus forcing DJ into the so called "super fight"

  9. I had Henry 3-2. Henry 2, 4, and 5. I honestly didn't care who won the fight beforehand. I'm not crazy about either fighter, so no bias at all.

  10. How can a guy who sucked at fighting and made it no where breakdown a fight? His breakdowns are so generic and basic. Constantly spouting popular opinion.

  11. I think we’re at a stage in mma where the better athlete wins. Henry is the better athlete. I think he can beat dj and tj.

  12. Every time I put faith in Schaub he solidified how much of an idiot he is when it comes to the fight game

  13. I wanted DJ to lose, but he clearly did more damage to Cejudo than vice versa. Winning the belt by split decision shouldn't be allowed IMO. You gotta unanimous decision or finish the champ to get that belt.

  14. Also something inside tells me cejudo isn't good enough to beat TJ, I need to go and watch cejudos fights

  15. You're my boy Brendan, but you said you watched it with the volume off, then you said in between rounds his Corner kind of knew he was down…

  16. If khabib did this in fight, all the dick riders be like woah amazing russian wrestling fuckin !

  17. 3-2 cejudo end of discussion. Apparently two judges saw it that way. Only a third fight between would fix this. Peace nukkas!

  18. I watched a video somewhere else where someone said they thought Cejudo won 4-1 too, I can't remember who it was though

  19. That wasnt enough for a win, not in a title fight.. If we go by the logic of that fight then nobody should really bother doing anything else other than takedowns.. They give too much credit for takedowns compared to striking

  20. I don’t understand shcaubs point about the criteria for a takedown…there’s a clear difference between Wrestling and MMA. If Mma requires control on the ground for takedowns to count, then that’s the criteria. MMA shouldn’t have to borrow the rules of Wrestling where the variables of Jiu-Jitsu are not at play.

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