Congratulations Podcast w/ Chris D’Elia | EP82 – Hoffa Nice Day

It’s the 82nd episode! On today’s show, Chris talks about gourds, and people who are gourds. Also discussed: not caring about food presentation, Yellow Submarine, District 9, Eminem, 69ing, pineapples on pizza, Die Hard, and some stories from elementary school.

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  1. I was thinking about converting my channel to the "Congratulations Podcast Clips" channel like all of the other podcasts have. But I am SUPER LAZY, but ill do it if nobody else does, for the cult leader.

  2. bro it looks like your looking up to "onefire", i imagine him like on a bunk bed, lmfaoo like sitting up higher than you in the same room lmfao,

  3. Forty minutes in I'm saying stop sing like that, doesn't sound like EM.
    Your funny, I'm not watching this live. I almost jumped off Vlog. Gords… hahahaha!
    True True!
    You know I agree With 69!
    I can't concentrate on the pleasure!

  4. chris i saw you at the comedy store last weekend you were hilarious you walked right past me

  5. I actually broke up with a girl because she asked me you actually watch this stuff ?gaagone away with you suckubus

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