After The (MMA) Beat – Episode 200


  1. You just can’t do a Thursday night fight card. You’d kill every fan outside North and South America.

  2. I like the new guy, his energy and enthusiasm to get his views across. But man, he seems to be living in some fantasy universe where everything is just how it should be for the sport. As much as fans and media would like to have it that way, where everything has a direct answer, but there’s way more nuances to MMA than he seems to take into account.
    The weight cutting issue was a perfect example of this.

  3. they really showed they dnt understand piracy. With 2 links you can find 1080p HD streams that dnt lag at all. Its like really easy. really easy.

  4. All of these boneheads literally know nothing about piracy lol. They said that there is no high definition? What a bunch of dorks

  5. First of all – paying for PPV is essentially an american punishment. In most other countries if you have cable, you have all the fights for no extra cost.
    Second, if anyone is "naive" enough to think that "streaming" is choppy, gets stuck and/or is in a foreign language… well… then clearly that person knows very little about computers or how to use this little unknown thing called google.
    You can stream, download or proxy just about anything at top quality for free.
    The question is whether that's something you should do and whether people even would if paying was affordable and logical.
    I know people who have been watching MMA for a decade and haven't once paid for a single event.

  6. Love the work guys! If it ain't MMA I don't wanna hear it 😂😂😂 Check me ouT!

  7. Main events start at 3am and finish at 6/7am in the UK… even when Bisping fought Hendo here :S

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