Yes, Brock Lesnar deserves a title shot. Here’s Proof…


  1. DC was going to beat Stipe everytime…..I could not see a situation where Stipe made it to round 2….
    same will happen next time.
    Brock is a star but DC will smash him

  2. cormier deserves the big payday with brock but it cant be for the title. loose the title and then fight brock and let the real two contenders fight for the belt. this is enterteinmant based on real competition. a guy that is 0-2 in his last two fights and hasnt fought in ages CANT be fighting for the title. Cormier vs Lesnar non title match!

  3. Agreed, however I think Broc will destroy Daniel. If someone said to me you have a choice, you get in the ring with Broc, or Daniel ….. I sure as shit am NOT going to get in the ring with Broc……

  4. The only proof there is in the sport is brock is a drug cheat FACT.

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