Yes, Brock Lesnar deserves a title shot. Here’s Proof…


  1. Chael I love the videos and your insight is great but can you stop putting these dumb click bait titles for your videos hahah

  2. The saddest thing in the world is when these chumps say things like "that was soo fake" like everyone else didnt just see the same thing lol smh stfu Brock is exciting and the rest of heavyweight sucks balls

  3. Alright here come the thousands of comments where people are trying so desperately to be funny so the can get a like instead of staying on topic.

  4. I mean your right, dc vs Brock will be cool I just think dc cant call hself shit till he beats Jon Jones and he plans to retire after Brock which I don't blame him but I wouldn't want to go out and people still remember me as ya the heavyweight and light heavyweight champ but also the guy who cried when I lost to Jones that's the real fight right there in my opinion for DC to beat Jones and Lesnar then he definitely would be the goat

  5. Oh stfu said abunch of nothing in this video…If Brock deserves a title shot then matt Serra deserves a title shot, Ronda Rousey deserves a title shot,. hey let's give Chuck Liddell a title, how about we give Carlos Condit a title shot…like wtf are you saying!.., just because he was an ex champ and is good a 1 thing don't mean he "deserves" a title shot..he's not even considered to be an MMA fighter..he's a wrestler, thats it, who tried MMA and got his ass whooped most of his fights …STOP IT!!…if Brock deserves a title then fuck I guess I deserve a title shot..smh..CURTIS BLADES 'DESERVES' A TITLE SHOT, NOT BROCK!!!! curtis 10-1 ranked 3rd in top 10/ 5 fight win streak, Brock 5-3 off for 5-6 years and not even in the top 30, with a 3 fight losing streak …do the fucking math dumbfucks!..and I hope you idiots are not buying into what this stupid mfer is saying..yes we would like to see Brock vs DC but to say he "deserves" a title shot sounds dumb as fuck!!.. seriously!…it makes zero sense!

  6. Anyone remember Chael calling Brock a bum and saying he wasnt returning like a month ago lmao

  7. I fully understand your point. But bro, nobody cares what DC wants. We wach the fight and pay the ppv, not DC, you know. This is only for casuals and braindead People. A real Champ would give a rwmatch, but Who cares people rather sse DC swimming in a pool full of money than fighting a real badass Like Stipe (Brock is badass too but srsly he's not a fighter).

  8. Dc deserves a big pay day tbh but what if brock knocks him out then he comes champ. He is 0-2-1 in his last 3 fights and he got poped for PEDs against hunt … it’s not about big pay days it’s about keeping the sport clean and to show the world the sport is clean.

  9. The only proof there is in the sport is brock is a drug cheat FACT.

  10. Agreed, however I think Broc will destroy Daniel. If someone said to me you have a choice, you get in the ring with Broc, or Daniel ….. I sure as shit am NOT going to get in the ring with Broc……

  11. cormier deserves the big payday with brock but it cant be for the title. loose the title and then fight brock and let the real two contenders fight for the belt. this is enterteinmant based on real competition. a guy that is 0-2 in his last two fights and hasnt fought in ages CANT be fighting for the title. Cormier vs Lesnar non title match!

  12. DC was going to beat Stipe everytime…..I could not see a situation where Stipe made it to round 2….
    same will happen next time.
    Brock is a star but DC will smash him

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