Will Brock Lesnar & DC Fight Next?! | BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub

Brock Lesnar and DC potential fight would be huge but Brendan believes the mega fight would be the trilogy between Jon Jones and DC.

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  1. Should have won thay first Frank Mir fight. And beat Mark Hunt. Steroids or not Mark didnt have a chance.

  2. Everyone on DC’s nuts saying he will crush Lesnar. I promise you that 90 percent of the UFC rosters fighters have more skill than Brock, BUT….The thing people forget is Brock is a fucking freak show and unpredictable. Wouldn’t shock me at all to see Brock sitting on top of DC poundings him

  3. How often does Brandon change his mind on the cash cow? This dude mind is outta contro

  4. I agree with Schaub on DC-Jones at heavyweight. Jones has never competed as a heavyweight so it would be interesting to see if he'll be able to take shots from bigger guys and whether his cardio holds up from carrying the extra weight. Size-wise, DC might also be heavier than Jones so that's another potential factor.

  5. I made it 49 seconds in and I just can't watch anymore.

    You don't understand "where the fuck that comes from" in regards to how Lesnar doesn't deserve a title shot, a guy that is coming off 2 loses and one NC due to failing a fucking PED test in the past 7+ years. A guy that for the last 7 years has fought 3 times, got TKO'd twice and had his 1 win overturned due to being a cheater. – Right… I don't know where people are coming from this guy doesn't deserve a title shot, for his first fight back, and hasn't had a legitimate win in 8 years..
    Schaub you're betting than that, don't act like such an idiot.

    You're argument is he's beat some of the best fighters in the world.. Yes any win in the UFC you could consider one of the best fighters in the world… Yes, he is a proven mixed martial artists, and does have some credible wins&accomplishments under his belt, we're not denying that. But that doesn't mean under his current circumstances he deserves an immediate title shot.

    You completely lost be by 49 seconds, fuck am I watching the rest of the video.. The icing on the cake it 0:41 "There's not too many people that want to fight Brock Lesnar" Yes there fucking is… Because he's still a big name, he's a money fight, he's one of the people every fucking person wants to fight to get paid, how the fuck you can say not many people want to fight him is beyond me. Hell if it'll buy me a nice house, I'll fight him.

    I like you Brendan, I know there's such a slim chance you'll ever read this, I don't really care that much to be honest, just venting how fucking stupid your opinions are recently. But please, just think twice before putting this garbage out there, surely during the edit you run though the videos, you didn't think.. Hmmmm maybe I should edit some of these opinions, or change them entirely… Common man.

  6. Where does wait his turn come from? Last win 2010. 0-2-1 (nc) in his last 3 with a failed drug test GOING INTO THE FIGHT?!?! UFC is a fucking joke. And yes, EASY DC $$$.

  7. Hey I can't wait to see the Lesnar fight. I think most people are expecting DC to win which he should, but what happens if Brock wins and becomes HW champ? Does he fight Jon Jones, does he defend against next in line, or does he retire again with the belt?

  8. Bro i cant beleive this fagget just said brock has more power then conor mcgregor thats such a silly statement conor sells wayy more ppv

  9. Brendon is fucking stupid. If you look back at the Jon Jones/DC fights, Jon Jones is outclassing DC. Jon won a 4-1 unanimous decision on DC and knocked him out cold in the next fight. Jon Jones is just looking for more ways to beat this guy, maybe we see DC submitted?

  10. No brenden he wants to fight showgun next then take on Brock’s big mongaloid pedophile looking ass

  11. This was hilarious.

    Jokes aside though DC said he said he'd fight shogun rua in the meantime – which would be a flop but at least solidify him as a DEFENDING two weight division champion…..

  12. Was it some WWE shit? Course! Should we care? Fuck no, I wanna see DC fuck up Brock for his paycheck. Daniel deserves a huge fight, hope he gets Brock and Shougun as is final fights, would like to see Jones but he's a cheater and is surving his punishment so.

  13. brock pushes DC
    conor – hold my beer: jumps khabibs crew (without khabib)
    khabib – hold my bear: slaps Lobov

    conor – hold my tear: comforts Lobov

  14. Smh 🤦‍♂️ wannabe Chael sonnen slurring his words. Jon jones beat DC twice you dunderhead

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