Was Brian Ortega turning down Jeremy Stephens the right decision?


  1. If frankie didnt let this hobo fight him hed be a nobody still. Now hes fucking around with his notoriety.

  2. What about the fact that Max has pulled out of 3 fights including 226 due to medical issues? Ortega made the right decision. Fighters risk their health. They can't fight forever, they gotta be smart about how they move in this business. I'd rather wait to see Max and T-City I just hope we're not waiting too long.

  3. I can see both sides I'm glad ortega is defiantly fighting max nest but he became a name because of edgar doing the same. I'm interested if he turned it down because it was stephens or if he didn't want anyone other than max.

  4. Bad move. One of the best ways to have longevity in the UFC is to get Dana White on your side. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, if you’re the type of dude who will fight anybody on short notice, to help save fight cards, Dana will always ride for you. When you start turning shit down and hurting events, Dana loses respect for you and doesn’t step to the plate for you.

  5. I have 0 disrespect for Ortega. He is 14-0 and was going for title he shouldn’t have to fight a guy he didn’t train for and risk his legacy etc.

  6. Everyone’s saying Ortega only got his shot because Frankie was generous with that fight, but that is not an obligation. It’s not a knock at Ortega, as much as it’s a really big show of ballsiness of Edgar. Plus, it’s Brian’s first title fight; why would you waste such an opportunity? The fight business is so 50-50, and I’d rather have my odds of me winning in a title fight, opposed to a short notice fight for pride.

  7. As a fan Ortega lost me with this. Yes it may be smart on his part, but i don´t like the way this wave of thinking is getting popular among some ufc fighters. Sometimes the unexpected can come way more exciting than a prepared matchup. This "long term" and "overprofessional" thinking is killing some great fights. At the end of the day is a fight, not a chess match, and this is the reason why some people may be killing it with the judges but not getting fans excited and not getting ppvs. The reason i like ufc is because at least in the past you could get that bit of "chaos" that made everything feel more real and entertaining. I think Dana is right with this one and i think Ortega should have given the opportunity to Jeremy Stephens if he thought he was really prepared. Karma is a bitch, we´ll see

  8. I can tell you why fighters turn down fights. It is very simple. UFC system is designed in such way that it not only does not provide any incentive to take random fight but also a punishment if you take risk and fail. For example, let assume that Ortega accepts this fight and is destroyed by Stephens, then we will start talking that Ortega did not deserve a title shot in first place and Stepehns deserve it. What would be Ortega left with? The same pay or even lower pay, destroyed career and no belt and even no title shot in the future. Can you imaging if you were interviewed for a job were you offered high salary, pension plan, excellent insurance and then on last day they tell you that job has changed and it is now lower pay and no insuranse and no pension plan. You turn it down and then they tell you "you ate not a hardworking person, if you were you would accept this job"

  9. If you’re the best you have to run through everyone anyway – why not fight Stephens when you made it fine to a weight cut and you can get title insurance with an interim belt? Look at the fan reaction. Poor career choice.

  10. This was basically my point. Ortega has no title shot guaranteed. Things happen all kinds of ways in this sport and when you get a chance at a strap, interim or otherwise, you take it. It’s what have you done lately – At the very least it’s insurance for a future shot at Max. Right now he is just “one of the guys”. I assume he will fight Max soon, things point that way, but what if that can’t happen? T City could get injured with that tough weight cut he has, then HE is sitting out with nothing to show for it. He’s ready to fight, primed and prepared, and he passes… yeah I don’t like the logic of that. Ortega just passed on the chance for some career insurance for a wing and a prayer. Not very smart.

  11. Ortega turned down the Stephens fight bc Jeremy would have knocked his ass out

  12. I agree with this dude. I swear it's hard to disagree with this guy. He really knows his stuff.

  13. It's hypocritical though. Ortega is on the map now because Frankie took Ortega as a short notice replacement when Frankie could've waited for Max. So given that, I was shocked Ortega turned it down… But I don't blame him. He wants the belt and he doesn't want to take a risk.

  14. Edgar had no reason to fight Ortega, but you know what, he did, he took a risk and sadly for Frankie it didn’t go his way. Ortega from a business standpoint is playing smart, he took the shot and has it on hold for himself, but as a competitor, he’s not doing himself favours.

    To put it in perspective, tickets for the Las Vegas fight is 200 for nosebleed seats, 600-1200 for the better seats, imagine being a fan of Ortega and wanting to see him fight that bad you pay 600 for a decent seat close to the cage and then find out he’s refusing to fight. I’d be livid if that were me, and that’s what Ortega needs to consider, sure he may get the title fight, but how many people are tuning in to see him lose now?

  15. I think The UFC thought Jeremy Stevens weight-cut may have been too much. Max won't fight at 145 again so I guess throw Stevens into the mix. If Max doesn't come back The New H-Bomb will be a good match against T-City !

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