The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 373


  1. "We've been waiting since Kobe & shaq" lmaoo Kobe won 2 back to back 09' & 10'tf you guys talking about??!!

  2. Brian Callen can fit inside Brendon Schuabs body like power armor from fallout. Look into it..

  3. my brother didn't believe me but when he smoked with me, he pulled out his dick and i couldn't believe how big his dick was.

  4. Something kinda creepy about the way Chin be laughing during the big dick energy style segment, I think he might be legit ga ga ga gay- nothing wrong with it tho

  5. Laughed so hard at your dad and the toilet story. Still giggling.

  6. These two are my favorite, but good Lord if they don't stop pretending they know Jack shit about drugs I might lose my mind

  7. Is Chin being 40 a joke? I always assumedhe was like 28 but he sounds fucking stupid very often like every guy the first two years living out of home

  8. They’ve been saying that about KRATOM for at least 5 YEARS! Hey Brendan KRATOM is from the coffee family dip shit. IT IS NOT A NARCOTIC!

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