On Max Holloway and much more – Ask me Anything 24 – Coach Zahabi


  1. Hey Coach, what would you say are the fundamentals that blue belts should focus on? Cheers from Silver Fox in NJ

  2. Man I missed the podcast
    Firas what your thoughts on napping-during the day for a fighter ?
    and sleeping in general…
    Btw I have a Bjj tournament tomorrow

  3. Coach I see merit to your not go too hard in practice but im 125 lbs and have to go at least 80-90% just to keep up with the bigger guys in my gym any ideas?

  4. Firas i would like to recommend Emerson if you haven't read him.
    "There is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide; that he must take himself for better, for worse, as his portion; that though the wide universe is full of good, no kernel of nourishing corn can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that plot of ground which is given to him to till"

  5. Is training BJJ the best way to get more flexible with uncomfortable positions (bottom getting double under passed, reguarding from north south, jail breaks, etc)? Or does supplemental stretching like dynamic and static play more of a role.

  6. I missed the live broadcast but I just wanted to thank you for a great content and a wealth of information. Everything I heard from you in the previous episodes made a lot of sense and it inspired me to look into the books you recommended (End of dieting, Eat to live, Supple leopard, etc.). Thank you and keep up the great work!

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