Max Holloway’s Scare & What’s Next For Brian Ortega | BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub

Brendan breaks down Max Holloway’s health scare and believes Brian Ortega made the right decision to not fight during UFC 226.

BELOW THE BELT explores the intersection of combat sports and pop culture through the eyes of former fighter, comedian and red carpet host Brendan Schaub. The program discusses the latest news in combat sports and pop culture, with Schaub delivering candid thoughts in his unique and unfiltered style. Below the Belt features interviews with the biggest names in combat sports and entertainment, road trips, fight camp visits, sketches, animation and pop-culture spoofs.


  1. Not a big fan of Schaub but he’s absolutely right here. Fuck Dana White and the selfish fans with no business sense.

  2. McGregor accepted chad mendes as a replacement for Aldo and it all worked out well for him so this point has flaws

  3. Danm i forgot when Mcgregor saved ufc 189 it didn't work out for him. shut up Brendan

  4. Haha Brendan finally someone called it straight like it is.

    Brendan has accomplished nothing but sitting there with his legs crossed. His fighting sucks, his comedy sucks, its just not good. If it weren't for the freedom of the internet we would have never had to hear from this twat again. But hes Rogans friend, and Callen still wanted to be relevant so he threw him a bone with a podcast until Callen said later bitch other things to do.

    Its all good Brendan in case you haven't been listening to scientist Rogan and his guests success is a combination of genetics and talent. You just don't have it for the entertainment business. Try something else or your gonna be broke son.

    You have nothing on Dana Whites success you gargoyle.

  5. Brendan it's time to stop playing the nice guy with a narcissist like Dana. I realize it's a better tactic with like minds, but Dana seriously needs a smack for talking this kind of shit to people who did nothing but put their body & minds on the line like you did to make the sport what it is.. for him to consistently have the freedom to put down his fighters or x-fighters like this is disgusting.. After a fighters body or mind is no longer in the game, the least that should be given to them is respect, because that is all they have once the game is done, and for him to shit on your credibility along with many others who put their hearts all in like this is so fuckin immoral I don't have words to describe it, ESPECIALLY to those that STILL have their heart & mind IN the game talking and analyzing this wonderful sport like you are here! So fucking disrespectful.. Fuck you Dana, easy for you to sit behind the curtains & talk shit while these others have put their body & hearts on the line unlike you.

  6. Brendan is cool shit. I love the success that he's had after the UFC. Especially considering so many fall into non-existence (Big stars too).

    Dana White is a bald little bitch who talks about being carried…… hmmmm seems like the Fertittas carried your ass and gave you bank.

    Biggest question and answer of all time …. Does the UFC need Dana White ? I disagree highly.

    Became a subscriber simply based on fact that you didnt let that bald fuck have his tantrum unanswered.


  7. Max has out grown 145 I rekon he will fight at lightweight in his next fight

  8. Blame bredan schaub for ortega losing that title shot. Even more when he finds out this idiot had a voice in ortega decision lol

  9. Max would have lost BAD if he fought in the condition he was in if you watch max and Ortega open workout

  10. Fuck dana they should worry about the chicken that pulled out not the guy that didn’t

  11. You and Dana both are trash…one is a money hungry reptilian nd other is Brendan "I'm always right" schuab…fuck Dana.

  12. I never agree with what Rogans side kick says !!! But for the first time ever ! I gotta agree with what he just said !

  13. Dana is right Schaub is a fucking bum who had one of the worst records ever…If it wasn't for Rogan he would be holding mitts in a gym right now…We all know since Brendan went Hollywood he went gay, he already has CTE and is dumb af, do you really want to get aids being a homosexual you fat goofy bastard

  14. Bro, White insulting you. He dropped Rogan on you. What a bitch move. Is Rogan sucking the dudes' balls? He wasn't allowed to talk about DC fight. Get Khan on your show bro! he smoked Lo. 40 sec KO Khan on one. Khan is running two MMA event's one in Pakistan and another in India, and it's popping off.

  15. Bunch of uncle D's dickriders rideing the wawe and commentin quoted shit, just to stay relevant.
    Brendan is absolutely right at this.

  16. Such a big fan of Brendan but man is he dumb sometimes. "You don't make them" sir of course we don't make who they are but them being famous and making all these money is US the fans. If we don't make them, what happens if we all go away what would happen to "them". Exactly.

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