Joe Rogan Experience #1142 – Tony Rock


  1. African Americans are the greatest logicians in the world.
    Situation – Black people have extraordinary violence and crime in their community. 1400 killed in six months in just one city.
    Analysis – What would happen if that happened to white people?!?? Everybody will freak out, but they are not freaking out now. Therefore, America is racist. Black people are suffering, PTSD is real. Feel bad for us.

    Notice the beautiful evasion of all responsibility.

    White people (and Koreans; and Indians; and Africans) don't want to live near blacks. The desire to not get shot is very racist indeed. We admit the black greatness and we will try to improve.

  2. Bravo !!!! This libtard almost held out for an entire hour and a half before he said we can take all the guns away. Thats gotta be some sort of record for a Democrat

  3. 43:00 All the chickens I've ever owned do not eat ants, spiders, caterpillars, or wasps[hornets, Y.Jackets, etc.]
    They eat roaches, beetles, grubs, and sometimes field mice.

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