Joe Rogan Experience #1139 – Jordan Peterson


  1. 01:35:00 So wait, there are only binary options to social organization? Enforced monogamy or polygamy? No wonder your philosophy rubs so many the wrong way. There are so many other ways to relate outside of those two modes.

  2. Oh look it’s captain 1950’s come to cry about “muh cultural Marxism”.

  3. A big problem with the people is they want freedom but not necessarily the responsibility or at acknowledging the cost of the freedom in the long run. If you have sex with a lot of women you have to accept that you might get one pregnant. If you do, do you take responsibility or do you create institutions for fixing your mistake for you at the cost of killing a life and telling yourself it wasn't alive cus you don't want to accept you might be morally wrong.

  4. As soon as I saw that Peterson was on JRE again, I immediately achieved a thunderous erection.

  5. this guy sucks lmfao kill yourself faggot your worthless

  6. IDW is taking off for the reasons mentioned and mostly because there has been a void of honest, intelligent, well spoken, independent, good hearted subject matter experts willing to have civil discussion and debate in traditional academia and there is a thirst for real insight, knowledge and guidance.

  7. It seems to me our current society is more polygamous, minus the marriage part, than monogamous. It is highly rare for either men or women to have had only 1 sexual partner in their life. I see many articles from women complaining about hook up culture and the lack of commitment from men, and that seems to me to be direct evidence that we're fundamentally tilting toward a polygamous society.

  8. I love this dude. He needs to run for public office. Too bad he's a Canadian.

  9. There is such an extreme sense of irony as Jordan Peterson has stated on numerous occasions how he CLEARLY DETESTS identity politics and preaches for the sovereignty of the individual. WHY are the comments plagued with Left this Right that… ESPECIALLY IF YOU GUYS ACTUALLY CONSUMED HIS CONTENT YOU WOULD KNOW HE'D NEVER CONDONE, RESPOND, OR ELABORATE ON YOUR IDENTITY POLITICS GARBAGE. BOTH SIDES ARE WRONG.

  10. WITHOUT PROFIT, natural selection is optimal, female hypergamy ensures the enhancement of the future generation, and monogamy maintains hierarchy fairness. As Peterson says: know your place in the hierarchy.

  11. I wonder how long until Jordan Peterson becomes yet another forgotten conservative idol?

  12. At 33:00 ish, when he says, “hopefully systemic racism will work itself out over time” is where he loses a lot of people. I get that he’s saying nothing is perfect – but c’mon – you gotta rephrase that idea. It’s one thing to not mince words, it’s another to say something like that.

  13. Jesus this guy is such a faux intellectual…most of the time all he does is state the blatantly obvious in the most verbose way possible..the rest of the time it's emotional cringy nonsense like his views on religion

  14. I wish more people were using the term technological revolution, because that's exactly what we're in! Great guy!

  15. No way, I just got to Vancouver, Sam and Jordan spoke here? Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  16. unless i missed it, i was hoping Joe would bring up the PC Debate he had last month with Frye and Dyson.

  17. "FOX is just as bad a second CNN" LMAO ok Joe no need for the both-sidesism it's ok to declare when one side goes off the deep end

  18. Thank you both for a decent conversation.
    A boon for myself. I hope the dicussion is a boon for others too.

  19. Right wing loves controlling speech also, they just use a different framework to rationalise the action, seems to be an integral interest of any (wannabe) social/power structure.

  20. I wonder if the warpig who posted that clip of him, thinking she would sink him, would propel him to what he is now? The SWJ’s created their most terrifying enemy in JP. “Irony, thou are a heartless bitch”

  21. What's the problem with the right. The problem is the Right and the Left are not upfront about their global agenda, because it's so diabolical regular people would never go along with it unless they were taking part in it some rewarding way.

  22. I'm at a point when I see a guest like JP have almost 1000 dislike where I just think the dislikes are mostly bots.

    My favorite channels besides JRE whether it's Styxhexenhammer666, Count Dankula, Sargon of Akkad, etc., they all have likes and views numbers that doesn't add up… so for example they will have 10,000 likes… But only 500 views… This happens all the time on YouTube and given the fuckery and political bias of Silicon Valley, especially after their corrupt shilling for HRC, I don't even pay attention to the like/dislike ratio, mainly because what I like makes no difference if others don't like it. I like Jordan Peterson, if there were 50,000 dislikes and the comment section was flooded with SJW tears, I still wouldn't care or be dissuaded from watching.

    Social unity is valuable and there are times to sacrifice things you like to be more socially acceptable to the community for healthy social networking and interaction; but at the same time, when you know in your gut and your moral principles tell you the group is wrong, that's when you put your foot down and stand your ground

  23. Hitler was not right wing he increased the size of government and confiscated firearms, that is literally Marxist propaganda accepted as truth in "education"

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