Joe Rogan Experience #1139 – Jordan Peterson


  1. Hitler was not right wing he increased the size of government and confiscated firearms, that is literally Marxist propaganda accepted as truth in "education"

  2. I'm at a point when I see a guest like JP have almost 1000 dislike where I just think the dislikes are mostly bots.

    My favorite channels besides JRE whether it's Styxhexenhammer666, Count Dankula, Sargon of Akkad, etc., they all have likes and views numbers that doesn't add up… so for example they will have 10,000 likes… But only 500 views… This happens all the time on YouTube and given the fuckery and political bias of Silicon Valley, especially after their corrupt shilling for HRC, I don't even pay attention to the like/dislike ratio, mainly because what I like makes no difference if others don't like it. I like Jordan Peterson, if there were 50,000 dislikes and the comment section was flooded with SJW tears, I still wouldn't care or be dissuaded from watching.

    Social unity is valuable and there are times to sacrifice things you like to be more socially acceptable to the community for healthy social networking and interaction; but at the same time, when you know in your gut and your moral principles tell you the group is wrong, that's when you put your foot down and stand your ground

  3. What's the problem with the right. The problem is the Right and the Left are not upfront about their global agenda, because it's so diabolical regular people would never go along with it unless they were taking part in it some rewarding way.

  4. I wonder if the warpig who posted that clip of him, thinking she would sink him, would propel him to what he is now? The SWJ’s created their most terrifying enemy in JP. “Irony, thou are a heartless bitch”

  5. Right wing loves controlling speech also, they just use a different framework to rationalise the action, seems to be an integral interest of any (wannabe) social/power structure.

  6. Thank you both for a decent conversation.
    A boon for myself. I hope the dicussion is a boon for others too.

  7. "FOX is just as bad a second CNN" LMAO ok Joe no need for the both-sidesism it's ok to declare when one side goes off the deep end

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