Colby Covington: Jon Jones hid from USADA drug testers under Jackson’s MMA cage.


  1. I'll answer your question Chael. The part you're misunderstanding is that the first test was proven to be a contamination.

  2. But it's OK for brock to be juiced to the eyeballs leave come back an still be on everything and get a title shot

  3. DC defends lightheavy belt and wins, fights Brock and wins in last card of the year…DC days he's retiring March 2019 no matter what…ufc will do all it can to get usada and Jones on March 2019 final fight for DC…DC beats down a natural Jones and rides of into the retirement sunset…. There it is folks!!!

  4. Its Sad😳 Jon Jones never need it cheat is the part that piss me off and people are still cool with it??? Crazy how that guy gets pass on ever thing😢😢😢 D.C the real Champion 👍👊💪

  5. You know what, I couldn't agree more with Colby Covington's comments about Jon Jones. Jon Jones is scum and an absolutely bad representative for this sport. Bloody roid muncher.

  6. I love hearing people flat out call JJ a ped user for years we have had these bullshit long conversations on JRE looking for any fucking excuse possible

  7. I don't understand how people like Joe think Jon is innocent…….. If it was a tainted sup, then where is the sup? Every time someone pops from a tainted sup, they provide the sup and Usada verifies the contamination… Where did the t-bol come from is the question? …and Jon has no answer

  8. Steroids don't make you skilled! Regardless if jon took that shit he would still kill that whole weight class with his bare fuckin hands.

  9. DC should fight jones at heavyweight to get justice for his knockout, dc has always been clean so he is the no 1 man.

  10. Jones were probably hiding under the ring because of coke use…does not need to be because of steroids.

  11. If Jon jones is suspended for 2 years he should just compete hard asf in BJJ and get his already grappling up and maybe even do some super fights in BJJ, it'd make the time go by faster and give us something to watch while he can't do MMA

  12. chael was so juiced he got caught in the pre-usada era lmao at the nerve of this bum
    he could never become champion even when he was on roids lmao

  13. couldn't agree more. by USADA rules he should get 4 years. no idea where this weird optimism is coming from. if USADA give him less than 4 they need a good explanation or they lose all cred, less than 2 and they're a complete joke

  14. If there is a UFC "hall of fame" let's hope Jon Jones is never in it. It's very obvious now that he's been cheating for his entire MMA career.

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