Brock Lesnar knew he was in the cage with an amateur…


  1. Brock steps in the ring in a suit and everyone talks abt it. In a moment he generated more attention than his opponents have generated in their lifetime.

  2. great perspective as usual! and so profoundly true and ridiculous the example of a reporter sneering and talking shit about how fake it is and they only do that for money while not even showing anything on the other great performances of the people who are actually doing it quietly just like you want! the irony of the people constantly talking and complaining about the "workers" all the while ignoring the so called people who do it the "right way" by there own standards!

  3. Oh DC knows… Don't think you're the smartest guy in the room. The fact that you point this out just makes you the most annoying.

    See what i did there?


  4. ALL SUPER GOOD POINTS! DC does deserve a big payday due to all the points you listed. All the other UFC fighters on Twitter complaining about WWE can go cry.

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