Brock Lesnar knew he was in the cage with an amateur…


  1. Brock is done..lesnar is a clown he is weak everybody can beat him..his fit for wwe were ppl are clown big muscle useless for entwrtainment😂😂😂

  2. We knew DC was in there with a fake shitty wrestler. We just want to watch brock get koed because he's big and loved by dummies

  3. Chael, love you man but I think you are way off on this one… Brock had one good push, got booed & proceeded to call all the heavy weights pieces of Sh&t… DC, called him out, told him 'push me now & you will go to sleep later' & said 'get out of my octagon, I have some pictures to take' – Performer from the WWE VS Perfessional MMA fighter – DC came out on top IMHO

  4. No we don't want to see the UFC become WWE. I don't give a shit about seeing fighters trying to put on acts and gimmicks to sell fights. Appealing to people who like shiny things to increase profits diminishes the sport imo. They gonna start pulling punches and fixing fights next???

  5. Daniel Cormier's speech to lure Brock into the ring was prepared, therefore, the whole thing staged. I am sure it will sell, but that was the last UFC match I watch. UFC jumped the shark a while ago.

  6. guys brock is a big pay day and him and dc is cool and dana already struck a deal he never liked stipe brock is scheduled for jan return usada confirmed

  7. Why are you giving up business secrets? Didn't you just rant at Joe about this

  8. Lesnar a "great one" 🤣 This WWE crap was pure, unnecessary, toe-curling horseshit

  9. Remember that jones.called him.out first, and when jones did it everybody loved it…

  10. Bottom line- anyone that possesses the kind of freakishly tree trunk like physique and "you've got to be shitting me" type athleticism that Brock has ought to be a welcome contender if you ask me. Honestly I can't imagine a day when I wouldn't throughly enjoy the hell out of watching Lesnar get punched in his Jack in the box shaped head.

  11. What happened to all that crap about it disclosing “secrets of the business”? Guess it doesn’t matter in this case

  12. Oh its Chael again exposing a fighter exposing the business while exposing the business himself

  13. Chael is right on this one and explains it very clearly. But people are upset because they want Lesnar VS DC to fight for real not a staged one. To me even DC vs Stipe was staged. DC is good. But not knocking out Stipe on the first round good. Stipe is having a new born child and wanted out for a while. Then when it is all set and done. Papa Dana will fix a great comeback for Stipe.

  14. Brock is a really good fighter and former champion I think he will have a chance of beating cormier

  15. Oh but don't worry, DC won't be smiling and winking at fight time. He'll be helping Brock get up from a nap.

  16. I really enjoyed all the theatre, and I'm not sure why everyone is hating on it. I'm sure all the people complaining enjoy the show just as much, but they are too afraid/proud to admit it. My only problem with Lesnar is that he didn't take out guys to earn his title shot. It's not fair to people like Curtis Blaydes and also Miocic. With that said, it's been a long time since I've been entertained this much, and obviously u can't compare this to WWE, because they don't try to KO eachother in the ring. Lesnar is a once in a lifetime fighter, someone who knows how to perform a play plus is willing to get dirty in the ring and is able to succeed while doing so. Hope he stays off the good stuff tho, USADA are not forgiving people.

  17. didnt chael just do what he pretended to be mad at rogan for? exposing the business/bullshit

  18. ALL SUPER GOOD POINTS! DC does deserve a big payday due to all the points you listed. All the other UFC fighters on Twitter complaining about WWE can go cry.

  19. Oh DC knows… Don't think you're the smartest guy in the room. The fact that you point this out just makes you the most annoying.

    See what i did there?


  20. great perspective as usual! and so profoundly true and ridiculous the example of a reporter sneering and talking shit about how fake it is and they only do that for money while not even showing anything on the other great performances of the people who are actually doing it quietly just like you want! the irony of the people constantly talking and complaining about the "workers" all the while ignoring the so called people who do it the "right way" by there own standards!

  21. Brock steps in the ring in a suit and everyone talks abt it. In a moment he generated more attention than his opponents have generated in their lifetime.

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