Believe You Me w/Michael Bisping #070 FULL VIDEO -Pull Back The Veil

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and stand-up comedian Luis J. Gomez discuss Bisping’s excuses for not being able to train with Luis, the Thai soccer team trapped in a cave, UFC 226, International Fight Week and the Hall Of Fame inductees, picking between Miocic and DC, Ortega vs Holloway, Paige VanZant’s instagram, Chuck vs. Tito made official, Listener Questions and plenty more!


  1. It's not 1080p or even close im only getting 480p not that it makes that much of a difference in this kind of podcast

  2. The English invented soccer, so Brit bongs and euro bike riding queers trying to take a piss that Americans call soccer soccer is hack shit niggie

  3. Love waking up on a Tuesday morning to this podcast. Shit loads of coffee and a good laugh before the grind of the day. On another note… We better beat Colombia tonight as we will NEVER get as good a chance at reaching a world cup final in a very long time. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§βš½οΈπŸ†

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