Anthony Pettis was the star of UFC 226…


  1. The only thing I didn't like of that match was that just last two round it was a good performance from both fighters

  2. Showtime back up and he can beat everyone except tony he can beat khabib but not too sure but he can ko khabib i am not khabib hater but i said what i feel

  3. I wouldn't go that far Chael, I think there's was a lot more buzz about Costa's performance than Pettis' if you ask me.

  4. He lost his belt on the ground…. He was rag dolled the entire fight….lol….. He didn't look to special on that night.

  5. Anthony Pettis… i always liked the way he moves and the way he fights

  6. Pettis will have a comeback, but wont become champ again as long as Khabib and Ferguson are still Fighting in the division, those two guys are a whole other level compared to the rest of the lightweights

  7. How come nobody is talking about Perry vs Felder. I thought it was fight of the night. Felder broke his arm in the first round and fought his ass off.

  8. Pettis's striking was entertaining in that fight. I can't help but think that Chiesa didn't take him seriously.

  9. DC was the star of UFC 226 you tool. He knocked out the 'greatest HEAVYWEIGHT' UFC has ever seen and became a two weight class champion.

  10. He also turned down the khabib fight a couple months ago when max holloway got pulled. But he looked good against cheeza

  11. Chael is the only fighter to stop in the middle of training to record a video lmaaoo

  12. Chael if you were eating Wheaties in the last three years with Pettis' picture on the box, those were some old ass Wheaties.

  13. Every fighter on the card delivered……but a juiced cheater stole everyone's spotlight

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