Anthony Pettis is a much better grappler than given credit for…


  1. The problem with Pettis is still mentality. It’s why he’s missed weight in key fights, why he quit vs Poirier, why he passed on a title fight because “money”. He’s skilled enough but not hungry enough to be top 5 in the best division.

  2. Dana White is a much better grappler than people give him credit for… Schaub better watch out

  3. Pettis looked like he was off his game, Chael.. He just got lucky that McGregor is all over Chiesa's mind. Well deserved comeback win regardless. He will lose his next matchup against a more focused contender. Bet on it.

  4. Pettis has been facing killers the whole time win or lose I respect that about him. Compared to other fighters who pick and choose what fights they want and what matchup would be best for them

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